An AI virtual assistant battle began once Samsung had just released their own virtual assistant named Bixby. Bixby then expected to rival Apple’s own assistant Siri but has both different capabilities due to their different features.

According to Gadgets NDTV, Samsung Galaxy S8’s Bixby voice-enabled feature was just released a few days back. However, a released video had been garnering all the attention. The video which could be seen below shows a user asking the virtual assistant to rap for him. Yet, the Voice feature of Bixby is only released in South Korea but Samsung already promised that the Samsung galaxy S8’s English voice support is on its way.

However, as it turns out Bixby’s voice beatbox sung a special diss for Apple’s Siri. The translation from the Korean language of Bixby to American turned out to be the virtual assistant saying “I am better than Siri” which was translated from the Korean phrase "시리보다 내가 낫다." Commands like “please rap” or “please beatbox” was identified to enable Bixby’s beatbox activate.

Meanwhile, Tech Crunch also reported that amid the hot battle that left Siri hanging aback in some of Bixby’s features, Apple was rumored to get their Siri to get their own Bixby Vision as well. The Samsung Galaxy S8’s Bixby Vision was described to be allowing users to capture photos with the camera, connect to the internet and have the image found out through Google. The Bixby Vision then enables users to gather information on things by just getting a picture.

It was then rumored that Apple recently brought Lattice Data that uses data for useful information for $200 million. “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans,” an Apple spokesperson stated. Nonetheless, it wasn’t still confirmed by the company whether what will they use the Lattice Data company for.