Apple watch is one of the best devices that a lot of people are using especially in tracking medical health condition. And now, there are some speculations that the device will soon be available in monitoring the glucose level, which can use to combat diabetes.

In a report from BGR, it is stated that the Apple watch is speculated to introduce an upcoming version of the device. On top of it, the device is said to improve and innovate its capability to track and monitor medical health condition such diabetes.

On the other hand, there have been reports last week that the Apple Watch can detect an upcoming heart attack, which sought to be the best feature of the device. But speculations that this device will be more than just a wrist device but it will soon help medical professionals to combat diabetes. While to achieve this kind of improved device, a report says that the company hired 200 PhDs in the past.

Apple watch speculated to have an ability to monitor glucose and rumors said that it is now high time for the company to produce such. While other rumor site said that to combat diabetes, the device needs to have a separate instrument to work it successfully.

Statistics from the American Diabetes Association said that there are 30 million people that are in the fight against diabetes in the US. Hence, Mac World believes that if this speculated feature of the Apple watch will be pushed in the near future it will help the world to prove that it is more than just a wearable accessory and can be a revolutionary health device.

As of this moment, more than just a revolutionary device that will soon combat diabetes, the Apple watch also proved that it is worth of every penny. In the first quarter of the year 2017, the company was able to sell over 25 million units, which lead it to be the top-selling health device.