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Ebola Vaccine Set Within A Week For Trial In Congo Outbreak, WHO Says

May 20, 2017 10:36 AM EDT

Ebola Vaccine Ready to Deploy in Congo Outbreak
(Photo : TomoNews US /Youtube) Only the request from the DRC officials is needed by the WHO to deploy the Ebola vaccine. Though the vaccine is still unlicensed, WHO said its ready to be used as a cure for the victims of the Congo outbreak.

WHO confirmed the Ebola vaccine though still unlicensed will be used in the Congo outbreak. To recall, a remote region in DRC had an outbreak, where one among the victims was confirmed with the virus.

The World Health Organization confirmed that though still unlicensed, the Ebola vaccine developed by the organization could be soon tested in the Congo outbreak. Seeker reported that at the moment, there is no licensed vaccine yet developed for the Ebola virus, and it's a trial-and-error to deploy the candidate vaccine.

Besides, the Democratic Republic of Congo had already approved the idea of deploying the vaccine for a week of trial in the remote area where the outbreak arises. According to CIDRAP, WHO officials would just need the country's government officials to write a formal request for the Ebola vaccine within one week.

WHO Health Emergencies Program Chief Executive Director, Peter Salama said in a conference call that the preparations are already in place for the Ebola vaccine. He further added, "We could potentially mount a campaign within around a week when all of the conditions are met including logistics, personnel, and financing."

Since the West Africa epidemic which ended last year, this is the first outbreak of the Ebola virus this year. Last year, the virus killed 11,300 people, the reason why the WHO is persistent enough to contain the Ebola virus on the island in DRC and stop it with the unlicensed Ebola vaccine.

At the Democratic republic of Congo, there were currently 18 suspected cases of Ebola virus which caused three people to died. Two among the cases of deaths are confirmed with Ebola virus, and now, though the WHO does not want to promise everything regarding the Ebola vaccine, but at least, there's hope.

The Ebola vaccine is made by Merck and was successful during an outbreak in Papua New Guinea. Now, the Lakati Island in the Democratic Republic of Congo would be the subject for the ring-trial wherein the vaccine would be given to all people who had direct contact with the Ebola virus.

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