Chocolate consumption on a regular basis could decrease the risk of atrial fibrillation or heart flutter. A new study has recently unveiled this important fact.

Currently, a lot of people in the world are the victims of various heart problems. It is quite natural that they are searching for all possible options to get rid of this problem. According to a published study in the popular journal Heart, consuming chocolate on a regular basis could decrease the risk of heart flutter.

Interestingly, most people acquire a common perception that chocolate increases calories, but the new study explores its positive sides. At present, 33 million people are suffering from atrial fibrillation that is responsible for irregular heart rhythm. This heart flutter problem initially creates no major harm and causes shortness of breath. But, this problem can increase the risk of other big heart problems, like a stroke.

The researchers have noticed the difference between the amount of chocolate that men and the women should intake to get the positive outcome. According to the Express, the research study noticed that men who consumed two and six servings per week availed the best protection. For women only one weekly serving was good.

Researchers explored that the newly diagnosed rate of atrial fibrillation was 10 percent lower in people who preferred one to three servings every month. These people had the better heart condition than those who had consumed chocolate less than once a month. But, the crucial fact is the study discovered it 17 percent lower for one or more weekly serving.

It was lower by 20 percent for two to six servings per week and 14 percent lower for daily serving. Researchers are trying to find out whether eating chocolate could decrease the rate of atrial fibrillation. Previous studies indicated dark chocolate to avail better heart health, but the new study provided no such specific instruction for the participants.

The authors of the research study acknowledged that most of the times chocolate are consumed in the high-calorie products that contain sugar and fat. These products bring no benefit for the heart health, Science Daily stated. The authors uttered significantly about this fact.

They said the sample chocolate has the low concentrations of the protective ingredients, but still, it is good for heart health. However, doctors from the Duke Center for Atrial Fibrillation in North Carolina opined differently. They say the participants of this research study were highly educated and healthier.

The researchers were also unable to take account of other important risk factors for the atrial fibrillation, like kidney disease, sleep apnoea during the study. Another important thing is the solid levels of cocoa vary in different parts of this earth. That means countries that have the lower levels may not get the benefit of the chocolate consumption. Though, Dr. Jonathan Piccini and Dr. Sea Pokorney from the Duke Center for Atrial Fibrillation said that the findings of the study are interesting.