There are six major natural calamities that occur in our planet: volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, earthquakes, tropical cyclone storm (typhoons), tropical cyclone winds (twisters), and floods. The Natural Calamity Map Locator will enable researchers to cascade awareness of the exposure hazards to humans. Having the knowledge of the impending dangers that the natural calamities present to humankind, settlers will be able to make a risk calculation probability that will benefit the settlements or doom civilization.

The number of people exposed to earthquake prone areas is one in three. The natural Calamity Map Locators estimated that this figure are prone to earthquake tragedies and that number has doubled in the last forty years. Around 414 million souls are living within a striking zone of 220 volcanoes. There is the great risk of losing more when a volcanic eruption occurs.

Many people still live in the vicinity of a dormant or active volcano, yet it draws thousands of populace to take residence in these areas. Whenever a volcano erupts, the documented parts are the tragic ones as listed in the Natural Calamity Map Locators. People around volcanoes draw their survival from the natural majesty the volcano provides. Internet Geography gives the reasons why: Geothermal Energy, hot springs, and geysers that bring about tourism, Jobs to support the Tourism Industry, precious stones in gushed up lava when it cools, the rich soil for farming, and the serenity of the locality, reports

Natural Calamity Map Locators include around a billion people exposed residing in flood-prone areas. These data provided is from the 2017 Atlas of the human Planet by the European Commission's Joint Research Center. The Commission will present their findings in the 2017 Global Platform for Disaster in Mexico.

Out of the six natural disasters in the roster of Natural Calamity Map Locators, earthquakes pose the greatest threat to human existence. People living in earthquake belts dramatically increased to 93 percent from 1.4 billion to 2.7 billion. Asia has the most number of people exposed to the devastation tsunamis bring in coastal areas. The highest accounts prone to tsunamis are Japan, China, and the United States in this order.

In Europe, more than 170 million people are prone to earthquake. Countries like Italy, Greece, and Romania are sitting on earthquake zones that are in the natural calamity Map locator index. Germany has the most number of recorded flooding calamities. Tropical cyclones share its exposure to about 1.6 billion people in 89 countries sowing havoc in its path in countries like China and Japan, reports Science News Line.

Data gathered by theses helpful agencies can help localities decide whether they are up to the challenge of living in these red zones as indicated by the natural calamity map locators. The option to shy away from the disaster-prone area is available if they can't handle the situation. Information about the European Commission's Joint Research Center can be found at the UN Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction. JRC will also present the "Science for Risk Reduction Management" in the 2017 Cancun, Mexico Summit.