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Netherlands 'Friends Of The Earth' Chapter Files Case Against Dutch Government For Inaction Against Air Pollution

May 13, 2017 07:59 PM EDT

Friends of the Earth Proposal to Curb Air Pollution in the Netherland
(Photo : Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images) 'Friends of the Earth' hold balloons in front of the Houses of Parliament representing MPs from the three main political parties that have backed their proposals

The world is on the brink of massive air pollution around the planet. Many green earth activists are battling the causes of greenhouse gasses emissions. The "Friends of the Earth" Movement of Netherlands does exactly what it stands for, they filed legal charges against their government for not doing much to curb the air pollution problem.

The charges were filed by "Friends of the Earth" last year and are still awaiting the first court hearing schedule. Campaign activist leader Anne Knol reiterates that humanity is sucking in the polluted air every day and is now pressing the Dutch Government to take action even before the hearing takes place.

Infrastructure and Environment Minister Roel Vincken told "Friends of the Earth" that the government has already implemented policies to improve air quality and is now working with local government units to tackle remaining issues of air pollution.

According to "Friends of the Earth" leader Anne Knol, the group conducted Independent tests from 58 sites all over the country last year. Eleven of the sites were found to have exceeded normal levels of nitrogen dioxide. The gas is an air pollutant formed by the combustion of fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and gas. It is the main contributor to the formation of smog. Other sources of nitrogen dioxide involve oil refineries, food, and beverage manufacturing, and coal-fired power plants, reports ABC News.

"Friends of the Earth" showed its independent statistics they gathered that nitrogen dioxide is causing thousands of deaths each year and is the cause of tens of thousands of sickness by the harmful greenhouse gas emission.

Ugrenda, another Dutch environmental group filed a case back in 2015 urging the government to take steps to cut down greenhouse gasses by 25%, which the activists won. The landmark case gave encouragement to the "Friends of the Earth" to follow suit with a similar case. The case was brought to court signed by 900 Dutch citizens, reports Physics.Org.

The air people breathe is happening every day and inaction kills the human body slowly, says Knol. The world is exposed to these hazards and climate experts encourage everyone to be vigilant in the cause of environmental protection.

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