The 15-inch MacBook Pro has declined its scheduled delivery and stores pickup dates before June 8. The model is now out of stock in the Apple Online Store.

 9to5Mac reported that the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Barwill not be available for delivery before June 5 or either in the Apple storefor pick-up before June 8. It is because the said model is now out of stock and will not meet its estimated delivery time on June 5 to June 7.

 A day before this update, MacRumors reported that the15-inch MacBook Pro will offer a free delivery for the said MacBook Pro betweenthe dates of June 6-8 in the United States. This was supposed to happen tocoincide with the Worldwide Developers Conference scheduled for June 5.Unfortunately, this is not going to happen due to the out-of-stock issue.

 Meanwhile, it's a good point to notice that when shippingdates of the current model lapse at the Online Store, a new version is coming.Furthermore, when the shipping dates coincide along with an Apple event, itindicates an even stronger point that a new model is coming.

 Currently, aside from the 15-inch MacBook Pro, there arealso some small refreshes for the Apple MacBook like upgrading it for the IntelKaby Lake processor chips. Likewise, there have been some updates on the12-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air and other more surprises and devices to be revealed.

 On the other hand, many fans are persistently praying to seethe new Apple iPad Pro 2 at the WWDC event in 2017. It is expected that the newiPad Pro 2 if ever is coming will feature a 10.5-inch model first.

 The WWDC will also be a big software event of theyear. But before anything else, Apple should first settle the productionproblem of the 15-inch MacBook Pro and reach the scheduled delivery and supply dates.