As climate change and global warming are eminent these days, designers aim to create environmental friendly innovations all around the globe. Europe was then reported to have its first solar tree that utilizes sunlight into electricity “planted” already in France.

According to Phys. Org, the eTree was proposed and created by Israeli entrepreneur Michael Lasry and designed by Israeli artist Yoav Ben Dov. The solar tree was said to be rooted in the central town of Nevers in Northern France. The design was mentioned to be inspired by the acacia tree that could be found in the African savanna, Australian Bush or the Israeli desert.

With that said, it was also shared that the eTree’s designed appearance utilizes solar panels to serve as its leaves. Thus, allowing the solar tree to convert sunlight to electricity. The 37,000 population of the town was said to be amazed by the tree, which is said to be “an environmental enterprise that aims to promote awareness to sustainability within the community.”

Moreover, News Week reported that the eTree was provided by the start-up known as Solar Tree Europ and was developed by Israeli company Sol-logic. The first prototype was then identified to be the one planted in the French town of Nevers while others were said to already work in other 10 Israeli and American cities.

Furthermore, the solar powered tree was then stated to allow the citizens and visitors of the French Town to use the tree in many ways. Ways to take use of the tree were said to allow visitors to charge their smartphones and bikes through the charging stations beneath the tree. Rest points to serve as shades for passersby could also be seen upon visiting the tree.

Aside from that, the eTree was also said to feature internet surfing, night lights and provides clean water as well. Animals were also said to be catered by the tree because of its featured water trough. Nonetheless, the first eTree prototype was said to already be seen last 2014 as the complete model was unveiled last COP 21 climate conference in Paris.