Steve Jobs first unveiled the MacBook Air in January 2008. A recent rumor claims that this compact laptop of Apple may experience the end soon.

Just after the launch in 2008, the MacBook Air achieved the title as the thinnest laptop available in the market. It was undoubtedly a compact laptop with a series of good features. For the last few years, the MacBook Air line of Apple has developed gradually. But, a new rumor claims that the MacBook Air line may experience the unceremonious end.

According to BGR, a Foxconn insider stated that the MacBook Air line is discontinued. The Foxconn insider revealed this fact while answering to a query regarding the Apple's MacBook Air in 2017. The insider also reported about the plans of the tech giant Apple's upcoming products.

The important thing is, it is not the first time when a rumor indicates that the MacBook Air by Apple may be effectively dead. Some time ago a speculation also surfaced that hinted this same fact. According to this speculation, tech giant Apple may not release any new product with this Air branding.

Apple had to compromise on the expansion slots and performance to achieve the title of the thinnest notebook in the World. No doubt the MacBook Air was a very expensive notebook for those who basic priority was to avail the portability. The important fact is, almost all the last year products of Apple and its competitors are light and thin. But, the MacBook Air seems to become redundant.

The thin design of a notebook can't be a commodity for a long time. The thin, and compact design of the MacBook Air is not prevalent now. Currently, Apple may keep the said notebook as the cheap entry-level device.

The Christian Post reported that Apple has not yet uttered anything about plans for the MacBook Air product line. This fact creates an important question among the fans that whether they can ever cherish any major refresh or not for this notebook. Many failed speculations have already disappointed the MacBook Air fans.

Tech giant Apple held an important launch event for the new laptop products in October 2016. A lot of people thought that they might have some information about the major refresh for Apple's MacBook Air lineup. However, the notebook got no significant attention at the event. The latest WWDC may provide a better idea about Apple's notebook aspirations.