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Chili Peppers Contain Hot Substance That Serves As Clue To Treat Chronic Pain

Jun 14, 2017 05:40 PM EDT

Chili Peppers'Hot Substance Provides Way For Chronic Pain Treatment
(Photo : The Refreshing Point/Youtube) Chili Peppers'Hot Substance Provides Way For Chronic Pain Treatment

Chili Peppers was found containing an essential ingredient related to chronic pain. Its hot substance is also present in the human body which provides the clue on how to block chronic pain.

According to Business Insider, patients who are suffering from knee pain brought by osteoarthritis can be relieved for about six months. A drug designed by the Centrexion Therapeutics which is managed by Chief Executive Jeffrey Kindler who was a former Pfizer Inc chief will bring a closer step to a safe and effective form of analgesics from chili peppers.

The company developed a drug which is a man-made version of the chili pepper extracts. The drug will work as painkillers for it will contain activated local pain fibers from the chili pepper substance that will transmit signals to the brain called the trans-capsaicin.

According to BBC News, Capsaicin is the primary ingredient in chili peppers which causes a hot and burning sensation. Based on the studies of a team at the University of Texas, Capsaicin is also found in the human body at times of pain and if the capsaicin production will be blocked, then the chronic pain will be stopped in the body.

Senior Researcher at the Dental School at the University of Texas, Dr. Kenneth Hargreaves said that "This is a major breakthrough in understanding the mechanisms of pain and how it can be more effectively treated. We have discovered a family of endogenous capsaicin-like molecules released by the body, so we opt to block the mechanisms and stop the pain."

The drug was tested in 175 patients with severe osteoarthritis wherein the data were able to show that the drug has induced pain relief as well as improved physical functions in just a single injection for 24 weeks at only one milligram per dose. Thus, through understanding how the pain goes along with its relations with chili peppers, chronic pain can be treated and prevented as well.

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