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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Could Offer Smaller Bezels Than The Original Mi Mix Handset: A Concept Video Indicates

Aug 21, 2017 03:38 PM EDT

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2's outline shown on video by its designer, has even smaller bezels than the Mi Mix
(Photo : Andriod Today / You Tube) Xiaomi Mi Mix 2's outline shown on video by its designer, has even smaller bezels than the Mi Mix. Xiaomi basically started the whole bezel-killing trend in the smartphone world last year with its stunning Mi Mix 'concept device'. And now the Chinese company is busy working on that handset's successor.

A new video suggested an important feature of the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. The video indicated the upcoming handset with smaller bezels than last year's Mi Mix handset.

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi introduced its bezel-killing trend with the popular 'concept device' Mi Mix in 2016. This year the company is preparing to produce the successor handset of the Mi Mix, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. A new video released on the Facebook page of the famous designer Philippe Starck related to the new Mi Mix 2 gained momentum.

The video revealed that the new Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 would contain smaller bezels compared to the previous one. The actual Mi Mix handset of 2016 was designed by the said designer, Philippe Starck. The video is visible with a label that says the upcoming device is a "Conceptual Product Design WIP". The letters WIP mean "work in progress", according to GSM Arena.

Through this video, it seems that Xiaomi is once again preparing to surprise the world with its new bezel-killing handset, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. The new phone with its smaller bezels may become the best phone of the current year that will offer the best screen to body ratio. According to Android Authority, when the real designer brings the concept video of a product, then the distance between reality and concept decreases significantly.

Reports already indicated the release of the new Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 this year. Now, the interesting fact is to see whether the upcoming handset will bear any resemblance to the one present in the concept video or not. If the upcoming handset gains any resemblance to the released concept video, then it will be a great fact in the world of tech arena.

With minute study the video shows the existence of the front-facing camera in the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 on the bottom bezel. Several rumors have already suggested that the handset will have the 6GB of RAM and the AMOLED screen. A battery of 4,500mAh will boost the efficiency of the upcoming handset.


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