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Pork From A Leading Supermarket May Cause The Hepatitis E Infection

Aug 22, 2017 01:01 PM EDT

Imported Pork From Leading Supermarkets May Cause Hepatitis
(Photo : Hot News / You Tube) Imported Pork From Leading Supermarkets May Cause Hepatitis.

Imported pork infected a good number of people with the Hepatitis E in the U.K. A British supermarket sold the pork.

Researchers of the PHE or Public Health England tried to explore the link between sixty people with the HEV or the Hepatitis E. They revealed that all these persons consumed the pork products like ready-to-eat sliced ham and "own-brand" sausages from the Supermarket X, according to The Times. Notably, these persons never traveled outside the U.K. The researchers performed the study from 2014 to 2016.

The research study unveiled that every year between 150,000 people to 200,000 people get infected with the Hepatitis E in the United Kingdom. According to one last month report, the PHE opined that the virus strain is not visible in the British pigs. The cause of the infections probably is the outcome of consuming the pork products prepared outside the U.K. The PHE is not ready to infer any blame on the said supermarket.

The number of infections due to the Hepatitis E virus was 368 in 2010, but the figure increased to 1243 in 2016. Most of the people infected with the Hepatitis E virus experience mild flu, fever, tiredness. People with the infection also bear some symptoms that include yellow eyes and yellow skin, loss of appetite and the vomiting tendency. Now, the implicated products are the ready-to-eat and the pork sausages that need sufficient cooking before consuming it.

In some cases immune system fight against the Hepatitis E virus that ultimately leads to the liver cirrhosis. Sometimes liver failure due to the Hepatitis E infection proves fatal. The presence of the virus has already been detected in the pork products from Europe, especially from Germany and Holland. According to The Guardian, researchers noticed that the Supermarket X's "own-brand" sausages were associated with the infection.

A spokeswoman for the Food Standards Agency utters that they have already gone through the findings of the report. They are currently reviewing all essential aspects of the Hepatitis E infection. She opines that consumption of the properly cooked pork reduces the risk of having the Hepatitis E virus.

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