How do you keep yourself ready for the future? Investing in insurance and healthy practices today are one of the two key ingredients to building a stable and healthy future. However, recent studies show that these fifty food elements should be included in today's diet to keep the growing population of the world healthy.

Reduction of the negative impacts of food on one's health and the environment should help you choose which foods to include in your diet. Thes plant-based foods are not only rich in natural ingredients to help reduce risks of obesity, but they also encourage people to eat healthy for their environments overall health.

WWF's Living Planet Report released in October 2018 alongside the report by Food in Anthropocene by the EAT-lancet Commission released in January 2019 highlights the changes that humans have to make in food intake that could impact the world food system. The same studies showed the existence of a significant overlap between what is an environmentally sustainable diet and that of a health-related diet.

The process of food growing and how it is produced on a global scale is causing significant damages to the soil. It is also a major contributing factor to air pollution and even causes deforestation. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization also released their data that shows that the world may have fewer harvests left if the current rate of degradation continues.

The report on the Future 50 Foods was spearheaded by Dr. Adam Drewnowski, the director of the Center of Public Health Nutrition of the University of Washington. His goal was aimed at steering to empower the people with a more positive perspective in saving the world while keeping themselves healthy.

The list of fifty foods includes among the popular, under-consumed food items. It also includes the less known food items such as mung beans, malunggay, and white icicle radish. Each of the items included in the list was ranked according to their nutritional value, acceptability, and environmental impact relative to the other foods in the list.

Potential accessibility, as well as the affordability of these food items, were considered before they made it to the list. Some of these foods are tolerant to harsher environments while others remain steadfast despite the challenging weather conditions. In the growing climate uncertainty, these crops remain to be of high value as they could be the secret to human survival.

"Unless people change the food they eat and how these crops are grown, the challenge to have enough food for everyone will remain," Redmond said. "The goal is to make it easy for everyone to eat a wider variety of foods without putting themselves at risk for developing diseases such as diabetes."

The report on the Future Fifty foods is designed to encourage and inspire people to be movers for change. It aims at showing people the variety of foods available for their consumption.

"The change in what we eat and how we grow out foods will help us prepare to see the change that we make in the world," said Redmond.