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Losing Weight Doesn’t Mean You’re Losing Fat

Apr 15, 2019 11:08 PM EDT

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Who doesn't want to have a fit and healthy body? Practically everyone who has browsed through a nutrition article wondered if there was something in it that will help them lose the extra pounds. However, a summary from new research revealed that it is not possible for anyone to lose a kilogram of fat per month. Now this is surprising and utterly disappointing.

Most diet plans available today promises the hopefuls that they could lose roughly 2.2 pounds or 1 kilogram of fat per week. Aren't you intrigued by the thought that these fitness programs may not really be telling the truth?

The study was published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. The study, however, did not mention how much fat a person can lose in a month through proper diet and regular exercise. The study focused on how the body transforms fat into an oxidized element during a single exercise routine.

Dr. Juan del Coso Garrigos, the lead researcher on the study, explained that his comment of the impossibility of losing a kilogram of fat in a month has nothing to do with the recent study conducted. Apparently, his words were taken out of context in an interview because the original interview was done in Spanish. "The translations must have gotten it all wrong," he said. It only shows how wrong information can easily be widespread if one is not very careful.

Dr. Juan del Coso Garrigos explained that when the conditions are right, any athlete can burn at least three-quarters of a gram of fat per minute. This is when they are engaged in a moderate intensity exercise. However, non-athletes, seem to max out on burning about half a gram of fat every minute. This could translate to roughly 30 grams of fat per minute.

At this given rate, it will take more than 15 hours of engaging in moderate intensity exercise to burn just a pound of fat. If you exercise for at least an hour a day, you bet you can lose about 2 pounds of fat each month. If you want to lose more, then you should engage in exercise longer than an hour. This fact may sound a little sad, but there is still something good about it. You can also trick your body to oxidizing fat by consuming less fatty foods. This process forces your body to convert some of its stored fat into usable energy.

Dr. del Cosos Garrigos also confirmed that it is theoretically possible for a person to lose more than one kilogram of fat in a month. However, he said that although possible, he admits that such process can be very rare.

"In truth, the faster one loses weight, the smaller the portion of body fat they are likely losing," said Dr. del Cosos Garrigos.

If most diet plans say they can make you lose more fat in a month than what this research study reveals, they might be talking about burning fat while losing water and muscle tissues, which is something you should be worried about losing. The sad truth is that losing fat isn't going to be easy, but working hard on making it happen should always be everyone's priority.

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