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Strong Storms Hit Southern US Killed 8

Apr 16, 2019 02:16 PM EDT

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USA -- Strong storms and at least one tornado has swept through parts of the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions leaving homes and businesses severely damaged. A great number of people have reportedly been injured and authorities declared at least 8 people have reportedly died due to the storm.

The storm first hit Ohio and moved overnight to cause major devastation in New Jersey on Monday night causing intense rainfall, strong winds, and lightning. The storms came soon after worst conditions have been reported to hit Ohio. Its harsh effects brought about a dozen tornadoes and flooding leaving dozens of the citizens injured and 8 of them killed. It pretty much left Texas with nothing.

The National Weather Service in Shelby, Ohio reported that the tornado touched down in the area on Sunday. Though no deaths have been reported, the emergency officials of Richland County talked about a dozen of people seriously injured and most of the homes and businesses in the area suffered from major devastating after effects.

Indeed such a disastrous situation left people thinking about what they could have done to deserve such types of natural disasters. But such thinking could only be worse knowing that such devastating natural calamities may have been brought about by the continuous rise in the effects of climate change. The problem on global warming isn't a problem of just one country or the underdeveloped ones.

Its effect could cause devastation across countries all over the world. The root of the problem is not by the practice of one firm alone. Rather, it is a product of the joint effort of people to pollute the environment. Residents of Ohio and its neighboring states in the Southern part of the US may be suffering now, but it doesn't mean that they are the only ones who will suffer in the future.

Based on the recent report released, more than 20,000 customers have reported to have lost their electricity and officials say that this may be part of the aftermath of the storms. The crew quickly worked on restoring service to help residents get back to their usual activities. 

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