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Biosolar Leaf Project May Help Fight Air Pollution

Apr 30, 2019 09:56 PM EDT


LONDON -- Recent evidences shows presence of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is steadily increasing and it isn't slowing down. Despite a significant decrease in the burning of fossil fuels and carbon dioxide presence in the air, the levels required to help reverse the effects of climate change remains to be unattainable.

However, scientists are not stopping in their quest to put an end to the problem. In fact, a team of researchers in London has developed a technology that will practically address the air pollution problem in the area. They call it the Biosolar Leaf Project. Their claim is that this technology will mop up the carbon dioxide in the air and discharge it as oxygen that will help make the atmosphere more efficient that it is. The system will basically act like it were a tree.

According to the scientists of the Biosolar Leaf Project, this new technology can do the work of 100 trees altogether given a specific area. The innovation primarily cultivates minute plant life - phytoplankton and microalgae - on solar panel structures. These can be installed on buildings, roofs of houses and even on land. The developers of the project claim that they can rid the atmosphere of carbon dioxide and supply more oxygen in the atmosphere. In the process, they say they could also grow nutritious plant proteins.

The project initiative is between Imperial College in London and a startup company named Arborea. Its pilot installation will be set in the White City Campus of the university. The founder of Arborea, Julian Melchiorri says, "What is novel about this project is that it has the technology that can process carbon dioxide even at extremely low temperatures." The other techniques available in the market still need the use of a gas compressor equipment that in the bigger scheme might prove to be more expensive.

The officials of the Imperial College also released a statement that their participation in the Biosolar Leaf project is part of its commitment to mitigating potential environmental concerns. The other campuses of the university will soon follow in the installation of its own Biosolar panels.

Prof. Neil Alford of the University said, "Air pollution remains to be one of the most pressing challenges of London. Through the masterplan in the White City campus, we are able to bring forward a more sustainable solution with the potential to improve the outcomes concerning the environment in their part of London."

The goal of the project is not just to lessen the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but to also serve as an inspiration to other university campuses all over London and the world. If everyone had their own Biosolar panels installed, no one will have to worry about greenhouse gases increase in the atmosphere. There would be less of it and everyone helped bring them down.

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