Sex is about to change as we are living through a sexual revolution. This is due to technologies that have changed the way that we relate to each other and interact in our intimate relationships. The second wave of sexual technologies is happening, and people are transforming on how they view their sexual identity.

Digisexuals are now turning into advanced technologies such as virtual reality environments, feedback devices known as teledildonics and robots, instead of human partners. Research showed that the term digisexuality are divided into two senses. The first one, when described in a broader sense, is the use of advanced technologies in relationships and sex. People are already familiar with the first-wave sexual technologies which connected us with our current or prospective partners. This involves texting, using Skype and Snapchat, and social media applications like Bumble and Tinder to meet people.

The first-wave sexual technologies have been adopted so quickly and widely that we missed the profound effect that they had on our private and intimate lives. Research showed people displaying different attachment styles in the way that they use technology, as with their human relationships, we can relate to technology that may be anxious, secure, avoidant or sometimes a combination of all three.

The second one, when described in a narrower sense, digisexuals is a term used for those whose sexual identity is liked by the second-wave sexual technologies. The technologies are defined by how they can offer sexual experiences that are immersive, intense and do not depend on a human touch.

Sex robots are considered as a part of the second-wave technology and they are the ones that people are most familiar with. Although sex robots do not exist yet, they have been discussed and often appears in the media, television, and movies. There are technology companies that have previewed sex robot prototypes, but they are not close enough to what people would consider as a proper sex robot.

There are numerous companies, such as the Real Doll company, that is working on creating realistic sex robots. But there are some technical issues that they need to overcome. Interactive artificial intelligence is slowly developing, and some inventors even began experimenting with non-anthropomorphic and innovative designs for sex robots.

Virtual reality is also progressing fast, and in the sex industry, it is already being used in pornography. Multi-player environments and immersive virtual worlds, coupled with feedback devices, are already on the works to offer people intense sexual experiences that real human beings never could.