One of the hotspots for smart gadgets in an ultra-modern smart home is the kitchen. The developers are hard at work in designing new items that could advance any home's kitchen performance. The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, which warrants a lot more equipment that is needed by the consumers.

Now that a quarter of the year has gone, there are several noteworthy kitchen gadgets that are now out in the market. The kitchen additions could be small enough to hold, or large enough to dominate the kitchen, Either way, these gadgets were developed to make kitchen work easier for consumers.

The first item on the list is the FOODsniffer. They say half the taste is the smell. However, it is not all the time that a person's nose and instinct is accurate. Besides, not all people are confident in their olfactory functions. With this in mind, tech developers have come up with a remote control-like device that was built to detect the freshness of food. The users would simply point the handheld device towards the raw meat that they have in the kitchen and the machine processes the "smell". The wireless "eNose" runs a bioorganic test to measure gas levels. Through this process, the FOODsniffer determines whether the meat in question is fresh, starting to spoil, or is already spoiled. The analyzed data will be sent to the user's smartphone or tablet. This gadget ensures that consumers will be eating meat that is safe for consumption. The FOODsniffer can be bought at $129 and is available in four different colors.

The next item is called the Bartesian which mixes cocktail drinks for the user. The machine offers premium drinks on demand through a sleek dispenser that can be placed on any kitchen countertop. Not all consumers are keen to get home and hit the hay, some just want some quiet time after work which is better spent with a drink in hand. This gadget is like an "E-bartender", which can mix drinks for the user. The machine needs a recipe capsule which will be inserted into its port. After that, the user will then select the beverage strength ranging from mocktail, light, regular, or strong. All that is left to do is hit mix and wait for the drink to be done. For some drinks, the machine would recommend a stemware to be used. The Bartesian goes for $299 and the drink capsules are available in six-packs for $14 and 36-packs for $79.

Perhaps the most extravagant one is the Moley Kitchen Robot. The gadget is a pair of articulated arms descending from the ceiling of the cook station. It also includes a stove top, oven, and a sink. The Moley Kitchen Robot is a device that cooks the user's food of choice. It performs the whole process of cooking from preparation to the plating of the food. The only human input needed is the selection of the recipe. The movements programmed into Moley were actually recorded from the BBC MasterChef Tim Anderson. Although Molly is not yet out on the market, the kitchen robot is said to break into the scene in 2019 and is rumored to be priced at around $75,000. It has been under the works since its prototype was revealed in 2016.

These are just a selected few of the many smart additions to kitchens that would definitely take a load of tasks from the users.