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NASA Failed To Prevent ”Fake" Asteroid From Hitting "Stimulated" New York

May 09, 2019 08:36 PM EDT

New York
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When an asteroid hits the Earth's surface and our security does not deter it on time, a huge chunk of it will crash into one of the densely populated cities on Earth. Millions of People would die and lives be destroyed.

This scenario will definitely give the experts of NASA a run for their money after they have failed to stop a simulated asteroid from destroying the whole of New York. Expert representatives from governments all over the world participated in the simulation test to help look into their response if ever an asteroid tries to shoots directly to the planet.

For the simulation, the experts were given roughly eight years to prepare for a possible hit and were told that the asteroid would virtually not hit the earth. But then, something happened and it did.

Several small agencies from around the world took things seriously. They sent (fake) impactors in space to try to deflect the asteroid from its target course, but it did very little effect. There are two more months left until the simulated impact is about to hit the Earth's surface, and authorities are forced to tell everyone to evacuate the city because it no longer is safe. Such scenario brought its own set of challenges.

Brandy Johnson, one of the citizens that are part of the simulation practice said, "Two months may not be enough to move everyone out of the city. Most of us will be stuck because we don't know where to go and how to start our life from scratch."

Paul Chodas is the creator of the simulated scenario and director of the Centre for Near Earth Object Studies at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California of NASA.

"We need to be asking the tough questions. We don't learn anything if we don't study the worst case scenario," Chodas said.

While it may not be fair for this news to be causing some level of panic to the citizens, it may should serve as a wake-up call. How prepared is the world for such an unimaginable yet disastrous situation? If the city of New York in one of the most industrialized and richness country in the world cannot be saved, how else will the other smaller cities and countries be able to help themselves at such a difficult time?

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