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The New Tamagotchi Can Marry and Breed

May 13, 2019 02:26 PM EDT

Tamagotchi Have Returned to Bewitch a New Generation
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It has been 22 years after the initial release of Tamagotchi, and it has been revived and re-released countless of times through the years. Now, Tamagotchi have returned with some interesting features such as smartphone connectivity and the ability for your virtual pet to marry and to have kids.

Tamagotchi became a hit back in the 90s, it lets the users be responsible for and take care of virtual pets in the same way that they would with real-life animals. This includes feeding the virtual pet, playing with it, caring for it, cleaning it and interacting with it on a daily basis to keep it happy, growing and alive.

The latest version called Tamagotchi On, adds more options to what you can do with the virtual creature. The new version is larger which is a contrast to the previous version wherein it is small enough to be able to hang it like a keychain. Because of the size of Tamagotchi On, it could take up pocket space.

They have kept the original three buttons that are used to interact with the virtual create and to be able to navigate the toy's menus. The settings, menus, and options have expanded a bit in this new version. In fact, the new menu may be overwhelming to use because of the numerous sub-menus that you would have to go through. Tamagotchi On has a full-color screen, the colors are in bright light and are vibrant. The graphics are pixelated but it is a part of a Tamagotchi's charm.

Tamagotchi On can facilitate more interactions on different devices. You can have play dates, send your pet off to go to a hotel or visit a friend and even propose marriage to another Tamagotchi. If the virtual pet says yes, then the virtual pets will continue their relationship resulting in each of the receiving an egg that will hatch and grow into a child that looks like both of the Tamagotchi parents.

Up to 16 generations of a family can exist on a device, you can even have the younger Tamagotchi's to spend the day being babysat by its parents.

Tamagotchi On will be available starting in July and the price will be around $60 which is a massive bump from the previous Tamagotchi price of $15. When it launches, the company Bandai America will be releasing an accompanying mobile application that the Tamagotchi can connect to wirelessly to expand the things that your virtual pet can do, where to go and who to meet. This feature will include Tamagotchi's around the world.

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