A beluga whale was spotted swimming in the waters of Thames last year. The public speculates that the lonely beluga whale was stranded miles away from home.

Word got out and more people came to the area to catch a glimpse of the whale they called "Benny." It was in September of 2018 when the beluga whale was spotted by the bird watchers in the waters of Thames.

While many were worried that the whale was having problems of being stranded, the experts later found out that it was the exact opposite. The whale was actually feeding on the bountiful fish that lives in the Gravesend river. Experts say that the only thing to worry about was that the beluga whale is known to be socially active. However, in this scenario, Benny was living in the area on its own.

Months later, the beluga whale has moved on its way home. The beluga whale is often found in the waters of the Arctic and people are hopeful that Benny, the beluga whale, has finally returned home to its pod.

The experts assigned to monitor the whale makes an estimate that the whale has left the area in December. This is the same time that the fish migrated away from the waters of the Thames Estuary. With its food moving on from the location, the beluga whale has followed suit.

"It has probably moved on," said the spokesperson from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue. "We don't have an idea where it went because we actually don't know where it came from."

The Chiefs at the Port of London Authority revealed in a statement that "The last sighting of the whale was in December of 2018. It was last seen downstream from Gravesend."

"Several hydrophones were used to help detect the movement of the whale based on the sound that it makes in the water. By far, it has not recorded any evidence of whale activity in the area since December."

As the fish that the beluga whale preferred to consume has migrated, the said whale has also moved on to another place. Experts speculate that the marine giant has moved in search for more food.

While some of the locals are not happy about Benny's departure from the Thames Estuary, developers are relieved to announce that work on improving the tunnels for the Thames could be continued after months of delay.

Experts have concluded on May 13, 2019, that Benny has left the estuary.