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Rising Temperatures Cause Epic Flood

Jun 01, 2019 05:28 PM EDT

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UNITED STATES -- Storms have become much stronger than they ever were and the people who live in the central US have recently experienced one of those fierce storms that were currently in the news. Powerful tornadoes have created its destructive path through Oklahoma and Missouri leaving a lot of agricultural areas devastated on Wednesday night. Three were reported dead and the number of injured is growing.

While the violent winds have passed, the region is now expecting the flooding to come in, making the situation much worse, breaking the record of the wettest 12 months in the US since they began recording rain in 1895.

These facts are based on the report released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Earlier this year, they predicted that more than two-thirds of the states are at risk for severe flooding between the months of March to May.

"This may be shaping what seems to be a flooding season in the US. Communities will be at risk with more than 200 people displaced from their homes and communities," stated Ed Clark, the director of the NOAA's National Water Center. They released such information through the agency's spring outlook report.

So far, the report has been consistent with the reports of flooding in many areas in Central US including the overflowing of the rivers in the south of Louisiana and the east in North Dakota. The recorded damages of such flooding are expected to rise to hundreds of millions considering the affected farms, businesses and homes.

Scientists agree that it might be too early to talk about the degree this storm is going to belong in, but they are suggesting that climate change is the main reason for all these storms. The rising temperatures bring in more water vapor than the atmosphere could hold. Research shows that for every Celsius increase in temperature brings about 7% more water vapor in the atmosphere which then leads to more precipitation.

The amount of precipitation alongside the rising heat index recorded has brought disastrous effects not only to the ocean waters and coastal communities but to those that are inland as well. Climate change has profoundly created a system that altered the ways of flooding, making it more dangerous than it has ever been.

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