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Work Relationships: How Do You Make It Last?

Jun 10, 2019 08:54 AM EDT

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How would you feel if you sent an email to a colleague asking for his opinion and days have passed and yet you haven't received a reply? Perhaps, you too would wonder what went wrong. You become concerned about whether you have offended that person because you didn't get a reply. Maybe you also wondered how you would interact with that person when you see them but yet to receive a reply to your email. Your interaction with your colleagues says a lot about how successful workplace communication is (or not).

Sometimes, these interactions or the lack of it can be a source of stress. But don't we too quick to think that it is just you whose suffering from such an awkward situation. In fact, studies show that this phenomenon is common in the workplace. After all, most people still believe that their success in their job is quite dependent on how they feel towards their co-workers. When you identify yourself with most of them, at least, you will feel like you are working for the right organization.

However, this thinking about human relationships in the workplace is quite wrong. After all, human evolution has shown us how humans are able to thrive in various environments because there is always a need to adjust and change some ways. It is not always a good or bad situation. There is always room for assessment of everything that comes in between. If you look closely, you will see that the relationships in the office building in the idea carried by the small things. Closely observe the "micro-movies" and "micro-expressions" and you will realize how truly valuable these are.

These are the small actions that are often overlooked in the office but it truly significant in how we deal with others. For example, a simple gesture of kindness should be replicated by the term "thank you." But when you don't get this response, it often results in bad feelings towards the person in the office you have good relations with. On the other side, a mundane reaction to a situation could create unwanted tension in the office. Although often brushed off by the people involved, the tension and negative feelings will always be there unless they are truly resolved.

How then should you deal with a co-worker? Every day presents itself with countless opportunities to build a good relationship among the people in the office. The key is to always choose to do what is right and just to help build a good and long-lasting relationship. Never settle for negative emotions because more than destroying relationships with colleagues, it could hurt you as a person.

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