Jul 21, 2019 | Updated: 08:54 AM EDT

Is The Business And Finance Industry Ready To Go Green?

Jul 13, 2019 06:50 AM EDT

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Investors usually put their money on something that spells out sustainability. From the traditional types of greenwashing projects to putting their money on real investments. The goal is to put money on things that will not only make them earn but on something that will save the planet as well. Everyone agrees that if they put their money on projects that will help save the planet, it will be truly worth it. 

The Transition Forum, organized by private equities specialists that focuses on Proper Asset Management has put together a second edition of their meeting which housed 250 participants from all over the world. The meeting had this: Shifting To Sustainable Lifestyles" as a theme for this year. 

The organizers of the forum has tapped keynote speakers to discuss the effects of being ecologically and environmentally-friendly to the overall systems put in place for business. They also added meetings concerning the sustainability and food safety. They discussed the mobility, housing, food and production and consumption. It also offered windows of opportunity for investors to collaborate with various teams that will help them contribute to the sustainability of the business industry. 

Everyone agrees that it is urgent that people discuss the need to become sustainable. The Forum emphasizes the need for business players to act on the demand to be sustainable. The record of the heatwave that hit Europe and the vast land areas that were covered in flood in other parts of the world are a reminder that something needs to be done.

Analyses and reports have been submitted to governments and all of them speak of the same thing: Global warming is destroying the only planet in the universe that is livable to humans. If people don't do something about it, that's when the problem does not come with a solution. Rather, it only comes with something that could make it worse. 

The call to be sustainable extends not only to those key players in business and finance. It is also for every individual who wishes to stay alive in this planet. Practically everyone wants to live a long peaceful life on Earth, so there's no harm to try to choose the more sustainable options available in the market.

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