Aug 17, 2019 | Updated: 07:24 AM EDT

Windfarms May Be Causing More Deaths Among Birds, Government Is Alarmed?

Aug 05, 2019 06:40 AM EDT

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Do wind farms cause unwanted deaths among births? Unarguably, they have caused that and the number of deaths are increasing. The damage that are inflicted by these wind turbines are highlighted in the report by the Altamont Pass, primarily because the wind farms have been built in the path of migration. One estimate suggests that it kills as many as 1,300 birds of prey every year before the government has taken steps to making changes to reduce the death rates among these migratory birds. 

Will this problem be one of Australia's worst since it has more windfarms built now than in any other parts of the world. The number of windfarms in Australia alone has reached 90 and there are 25 other windfarms that are on the way. The question has received a number of comments in relation to the strong objection expressed by a renowned conservationist, Bob Brown. He expressed his objection of the proposed building of a windfarm in Robbins Island, off the coast of Tasmania. 

UPC Renewables, the developer of the proposed wind farm plans to put up a total of 163 turbines in this privately owned island. The towers should reach about 270m from ground to the tip of the blade. Brown has expressed a number of points about the plan. His criticism included the visual impact and the plant to privatize the ownership of the power plant. But mostly, his concern was really on the migratory birds and their safety. 

After the initial reporting of the opinion expressed by Brown concerning windfarms, it has once again opened the doors for the discussion on the validity of renewable energy. While the proposal may still be in its initial planning stage and there is nothing much to worry about, the concern is how to make the planning team understand that when windfarms are built, it shouldn't be in the way of migratory birds that may be flying in. 

However, the other windfarms in other parts of Australia has relatively low reports on any evidence that show any evidence of death among birds. The evidence show very little reason is seen to even consider the building of wind farms as something limiting and dangerous. The sites for the windfarms in existence today is that these sites have been properly managed. 

"While renewable energy resources like wind energy may be good, it is important to consider its environment impacts as well," said Emma Bennet. Experts also need to look into the matter.

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