Aug 17, 2019 | Updated: 07:24 AM EDT

Google Promises Carbon-Neutral Shipping To Help Save The Environment

Aug 08, 2019 08:20 AM EDT

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SAN FRANCISCO, USA -- On Monday, Google announced that it will be incorporating a more carbon-neutral packaging in delivering their customer requests for consumer hardware devices. Each packaging will include the use of recycled plastic products by 2022. The goal is to help save the environment by reducing the waste produced in each delivery package. 

This new commitment has indeed brought the competition among tech business companies a notch higher to show both the government and consumers in general that the problem on the environment is taking a toll on everyone. The widening array of gadgets whose production and usage has increased the need for more energy is taking a toll on the environment and everyone should be concerned of its impact. 

Anna Meegan, Google's devices and services unit head, said in an interview that the transport-related carbon emissions per unit fell by as much as 40% last year compared to the report released in 2017. This is because the company has made a conscious effort to reduce the use of planes to ship the items ordered by their consumers. They opted for ships instead. They use this method of shipping though it comparably takes days to move phones, laptops, speakers and other gadgets from their factories to all their consumers all over the world. The carbon emissions per unit fell by as much as 40% last year. 

The company plans to offset the rest of their carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits, Meegan said. 

They have also identified three out of the nine products from Google for which the company has a rather detailed disclosures online to include packaging that come from recycled plastic items. It ranges from a 20 percent to a 40 percent in the casings of all of Google speakers as well as Chromecast streaming dongles. 

In a blog post, the huge internet company, google, committed to introduce some recycled plastic to all of its products by 2022. 

This plan is to encourage other businesses to become more environmentally sustainable considering that the the climate crisis is not a product of one action alone. Meegan acknowledged that the 3-year old hardware business of Google is still relatively small compared to the tech giant Apple Inc, but it is determined to partner with other businesses for their sustainability efforts. 

"We are fundamentally looking to build sustainability in everything that we do," she said. "Though it may take time, we are determined to demonstrate progress, no matter how small it may be."

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