Aug 17, 2019 | Updated: 07:24 AM EDT

Ambitious Environmental Goals May Be Benefiting US Businesses

Aug 08, 2019 08:24 AM EDT

Renewable Energy
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Every business in the US has strengthened its commitment to renewable sources of energy as a response to the growing call to raise environmental awareness. A study conducted by Deloitte has opened doors for discussion on how consumers and businesses are reacting to the effects of climate change as well as look into the steps they have taken to reduce their production of carbon emissions. 

The study conducted by this major accounting firm has identified the potential roadblocks that may be a hindrance to consumer access to more renewable sources of energy. They did this by also noting that huge business players have become increasingly ambitious of their desire to achieve environmental targets and the many ways they wish to reduce their impacts. 

The report concerning the study reveals that although businesses are trying to be more in control of their resources to hopefully use it more efficiently, they have also become more engaged in sustainable development. Among company decision-makers, environmental considerations are considered alongside the economic standpoint. 

The report released by Deloitte also notes that since 2016, more businesses have set their management goals and have put company resources to help achieve these goals. More businesses are seeking to fully embrace the concept of using renewable resources to lower the business carbon footprint and to reduce the waste produced by the company. 

Is this the time for a sustainable revolution? As companies continue to improve their resource management goals, they are also looking into the possible diversification of their energy resources. More than 75% of businesses are considering the procurement of a percentage of their energy needs from renewable resources. The shift may not be sudden and it makes take a while before companies are able to make a full embrace of renewables, but today is always a a good time to start. 

In addition to this, companies have somehow increased the sophistication of their energy management processes to target the reduction of their energy needs. Deloitte says that "businesses are upping their game on energy conservation" as they continue to identify aspects of their products that can be cut down to reduce energy needs. All these actions can be associated with their main goal, which is to become more environmentally aware. This awareness is where all the actions begin. 

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