Aug 17, 2019 | Updated: 07:24 AM EDT

Carbon Sucking Technology May Help Save The Planet

Aug 08, 2019 08:25 AM EDT

Carbon Emissions
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Humans have done so many things that caused the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that the only way to meet the goal of a cleaner atmosphere is to extract stupendous amounts of it. Last month, there was news that in order to address the need to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, people should plant more trees. But is it really that easy?

Experts always emphasize the need to reduce carbon emissions as it could only get the conditions of the atmosphere worse. By worse, they mean extreme conditions. Areas where there used to be no flood, will be basking in more rain than they could handle. The other areas that are used to receiving rain might suffer from drought. The changes in the weather conditions are just a few of the many things that could change due to climate change. 

However, there is new technology that aims to suck all the carbon from the atmosphere to help save the planet. Why is it important for the world to employ carbon negative technology? There are two simple reasons for this:

First, with the rise of the emissions, planetary warming has also increased, which means people are more likely to be subjected to warmer conditions. These warmer conditions may only lead to higher need for energy consumption. People will want to cool down, so they will require air conditioning to help them. And for as long as air conditioning is turned on, people will be comfortable, but they will not notice that their comfort is paid for by higher carbon emissions in the atmosphere. 

Second, carbon sucking technology allows homes to become more energy efficient. It will no longer be enough that people turn the temperature of the aircon a little higher than the usual or that they would reduce the time they spend on their computers.  People need to step up to help save the planet from total destruction. 

Although planting trees is an extremely good idea considering that its benefits to the community will live longer, it also comes with its own risks. For one, not all trees that are planted will survive the change in climate conditions. It is highly important that people look deeper into the type of trees that will survive in the area. If they end up planting them at the wrong side of the planet, it might result to an imbalance in nature. 

The new carbon sucking technology can help address these problems on carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere. But how long is it going to last? The effect of these carbon sucking technologies is pretty simple. People will always try to understand how they can be of help to save the environment and the earth in general. But with more understanding of this technology, it will gain more support and less apprehensions to end-goal consumers.

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