Artificial intelligence is everywhere. From medical assistance to self-driving cars to human like robots that can hold intelligent conversations. While the future is obviously very bright for this technology, who exactly is in the forefront of the industry?

Forbes, together with Meritech Capital, has compiled a list of the top US-based AI companies currently in operation. These amazing companies focus on everything from autonomous delivery systems to product failure mitigation and even the tedious task of purchasing home insurance.

Let's take a closer look at some of these companies countdown style, starting with number 10.

10. Anduril Industries

Headquarters: Irvine, CA

Founders: Palmer Luckey, Brian Schimpf (CEO), Trae Stephens, Matt Grimm, Joe Chen

Funding: $180 million

Valuation: Just under $1 billion

This company uses tools such as drones and towers to map an area and assess any potential threats. The Marine Corps and UK's Royal Navy, are just a couple examples of Anduril Industries' high-level clientele. Not to mention they have the ever-so controversial "virtual border wall" as part of a contract with the US Customs and Border Protection. Co-founder Palmer Luckey was the center of his own controversy when he made his exit from Facebook. Luckey claimed he was fired unexpectedly due to his political views.

9. Scale AI

Headquarters: San Francisco

Founders: Alexandr Wang (CEO)

Funding: $122 million

Valuation: $1 billion

CEO Alexandr Wang is only 23 years old and is considered somewhat of a tech prodigy. His company, Scale, uses AI to streamline data for transportation companies making their services as accurate and simple as ever. Companies using Scale include Lyft, Cruise, and nuTonomy, who all are in the autonomous driving industry.

8. Hippo Insurance

Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA

Founders: Assaf Wand (CEO), Eyal Navan

Funding: $209 million

Valuation: $1 billion

Hippo Insurance is changing the way insurance is done. Using data pulled from public records, such as satellite images, news articles and digitized home sensors. This information is then used to by their AI system to preemptively answer questions that otherwise would be asked by the insurance specialist. The main selling point of their model is real-time approvals backed by established insurers. Hippo simply gets a commission from each sale.

7. Icertis

Headquarters: Seattle

Founders: Samir Bodas (CEO), Monish Darda

Funding: $211 million

Valuation: $1 billion

This 10-year-old company focuses on automating administrative tasks. They service over six million contracts from over 90 different countries. Icertis caters to companies like the French company, Airbus,  German company, Daimler, and the US's MicroSoft.

6. DataRobot

Headquarters: Boston

Founders: Jeremy Achin (CEO), Tom de Godoy

Funding: $431 million

Valuation: $1.2 billion, via Pitchbook

This eastern seaboard-based company offers customers like United Airlines and PNC Bank a platform that asks, compiles data, and answers any business question they may have. The company boasts of its abilities by insisting that their customers are only required to have "curiosity and data".

5. Dataminr

Headquarters: New York City

Founders: Ted Bailey (CEO)

Funding: $577 million

Valuation: $1.59 billion, via Pitchbook

Dateminr is just what their name implies. Using deep learning, social media posts, and other forms of public data, this company literally mines the internet for information. As new information is found, the company can then send tailored alerts to their monthly subscribers. Dataminr caters to a wide range of clientele. Companies such as CNN and even the UN are subscribed, they use the real-time alerts to track potential disasters in any part of the world.

4. Lemonade

Headquarters: New York City

Founders: Daniel Schreiber (CEO), Shai Wininger

Funding: $480 million

Valuation: $2.1 billion, via Pitchbook

Lemonade is another company streamlining insurance. Unlike Hippo, who is commission based, Lemonade is a licensed carrier and insures its clients in-house. Using an AI chatbot, Lemonade blazes through customer service and processes claims for more than 500,000 customers.

3. Uptake

Headquarters: Chicago

Founders: Brad Keywell

Funding: $258 million

Valuation: $2.3 billion, via Pitchbook

This Midwest company claims "there is no more guesswork or operating blindly involved" in their AI system that "makes sure things work". With an enormous amount of data readily available, Uptake analyzes past machinery failures and implements preventive measures for clients like the US Army and Rolls Royce.

2. Aurora Innovation

 Headquarters: Palo Alto

Founders: Chris Urmson (CEO), Sterling Anderson, Drew Bagnell

Funding: $696 million, via Pitchbook

Valuation: $2.57 billion, via Pitchbook

When experts from three of the world's most prolific autonomy and transportation companies come together under one roof we get Aurora Innovation. The founders were once employed separately with companies like Tesla, Uber, and Google, but now with forces combined they have become nearly the biggest players in the AI industry. Landing contracts with companies like Hyundai helped secure investments from juggernaut companies like Sequoia Capital and Amazon, pushing their valuation well past two billion dollars.

1. Nuro

Headquarters: Mountain View

Founders: Jiajun Zhu (CEO), Dave Ferguson

Funding: $1.03 billion

Valuation: $2.7 billion

And in the #1 spot on Forbes list of the top promising AI companies in the US, its Nuro. This company found a niche and filled it well. Supplying the world with driverless delivery vehicles, Nuro has removed the people factor from the autonomous driving equation and substituted a service that people require; local goods. And in doing so, Nuro bypassed safety and technical restraints. "You can drive more conservatively because you don't have someone inside the vehicle that's getting frustrated," says Dave Ferguson, a co-founder of Nuro. With partnerships with grocery giants like Kroger's, it seems Nuro is definitely on its way to deliver big numbers in the future--and groceries.

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