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At this very second, Instagram already has millions of users. Plus, it is already owned by Facebook.

Every single day, around 70 million photos are uploaded on this platform. Meanwhile, people engage with these photos by clicking the heart symbol, commenting, using hashtags, and playing videos and stills.

All of these activities require a large amount of data. Once collated by humans and as well as artificial algorithms, it can greatly provide business opportunities causing Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, to say, "We are also going to be a big data company."

 One or the other, keep scrolling on this article to find out how Instagram will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2019.

Ways Instagram Will Use Artifical Intelligence

Spam Filter

To avoid spam, Instagram will be using artificial intelligence. The spam filter is capable of detecting fake messages and delete them from Instagram accounts written in 9 different languages such as Arabic, Russian, English, Chinese, and many more. Once the platform detects the fake messages, it will be permanently removed.

Aside from messages, Instagram is also capable of segregating accounts that have fake followers. So if you are planning to buy fake ones, make sure you are getting real and authentic followers. But don't worry a thing because most of the sellers of Instagram followers are proven trustworthy, just like Losfamos. The same goes for Instagram likes. Use trustworthy and reliable providers like Buzzoid to avoid your account being permanently banned. 

Advance User Experience (UX)

To make sure that the public sees through the value of Instagram, it is important for the platform to show what the people like.

As the number of content increases, researching for content that is targeted for users becomes more exciting. Otherwise, when Instagram changed its ways when it comes to the order of feeds, the machine-learning algorithm started working to help in sorting out the data to what is more relevant for users to make a more personalized feed. 

Target Marketing

By looking at the search preferences and engagement of users from Instagram, they can sell advertising to companies and groups who are aiming to reach their designated customer profile and who might be probably interested in their marketing objective.

Since Facebook has over 1.8 million users and owns Instagram as well, they have a very powerful audience and information to help target marketing based on what people like, who they want to follow and interact with.

Exploring Page Function

With the helpful use of hashtags and trends, users of Instagram can browse for photos of a certain event or happening, places, and (online) shops across the globe, which are trending nationwide.

Supported by tagging, the Search feature can be very helpful for people using Instagram in finding things that interest them the most among the hundreds and millions of photos posted on the platform.

No questions asked-Instagram will be using artificial intelligence in a very great way. With confidence, by the end of this article, you have learned a lot about Instagram content.

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