When more is learned, there will be a stark realization that everything learned only leads to more questions and dead ends. This is the dilemma of physicists, and the attempt to unveil the paradigms of the universe is getting bumpy. As more discoveries are brought into the light, it seems everything is still in the dark ages, because of the lack of physics, which is a tool for physicists.

The modern era of physics is young, but many discoveries in the quantum, universal forces of electromagnetism, nuclear, and weak nuclear force, spacetime and its weirdness, last is how the universe was formed from a singularity. All these are great achievements for a young science, although more brain-power is needed to pull modern physics from the dark ages.

Physics is ever-evolving as more knowledge is discovered, the pace was fast. With more tools and equations from brilliant minds, the lack of physics will not be an impediment. As human thirst to solve mysteries will drive everything forward.

From the simple to the complex of physics

Compared to Newton's laws, the special relativity of Einstein changed how time, space, distance, and speed changed and made everything "relative" not constant. Or call this alteration what makes up fundamental reality. It does seem confusing from a physicist point of view that is hard to resolve.

 More changes like the combo of special relativity that paired up with gravity, produce general relativity which was different. Another twist that followed is quantum field theories that were a child of special relativity and quantum mechanics. This allows physicists to know more about electromagnetic force and later strong and weak nuclear forces.

More discoveries are the electroweak force, and it led to the grand unified theories that combine all forces in the universe. The last man standing is gravity that unknown despite the concept, no physics can solve it for now.

Hello, the universe we live in

Everyday reality is ruled by the limit of the speed of light, and how electron charges with strong and weak nuclear force, the quantum structure, and the smallest particles make it what is. The existence of the standard model will explain everything in the universe, but it cannot explain itself that easy.

Forces in nature, along with the behavior of particles, that lead to more unanswered questions to be understood is confusing. How can gravity be weaker than the weak nuclear force, and how are their mechanics? Can this confusion be solved and explained? If the standard model is so acceptable, why can't a conclusion be reached?

Dark as in dark matter and energy
Dark matter is an enigma, and it is evident all over the universe, created when the universe was born. It can be felt through gravity, a new type of quantum particle not privy to the standard model of the universe. Everything about it, like not mixing it with other forces which makes it unseen. A new player called dark energy is largely unknown, to add more confusion.

The universe is getting to be a confusing place, but eventually, the mysteries will be solved, and more physics will be developed to get the answers. Physicists' constant search for the truth is important to push frontiers of what is known.

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Physicists Are Bogged Down by Lack of Physics to Solve the Paradigms of the Universe or Stay in the Dark Ages