Quantum Entanglement Is Verified by the Existence of Archaic Quasars in the Universe
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Quasars are one of the most boisterous objects in the universe,  and even here on earth astronomers can detect them from lightyears away. Things are now on the weirder side of quantum mechanics as physicists from the University of Vienna and MIT have dropped a new surprise on the subject. They are theorizing that quasars are larger than life examples of quantum entanglement, theorizing on creating "spooky action at a distance" without any explainable connection at all.

If it is not enough that the standard model of the universe is under scrutiny, this new development is another curve-ball for physicists too. By definition, the concept of quantum entanglements concerns two particles connected by an invisible string beyond time and space. This concept wrecks Newtonian physics and leaves today's physics left scrambling for answers. Answers are out there, but it is hard to look for, as an analogy.

Physics has always been one wild ride, and in the 1960s, John Bell made a calculation that a limit in the universe is about the quantum, not the classic models used before. Paraphrased and made short, it means there an unknown quantum answer (it is there, but not there), classical explanations are not.

Now it gets more eccentric and supposed answer that quantum entanglement is the key to the solution, is not it? Instead, an exotic answer which is a loophole to test Bell's equation, that something is not discovered yet is the possible answer. Called "freedom of choice" loophole that uses quantum entanglement as the solution for connected particles, but is not? How to answer the question.

The problems presented by the loophole have been limited to fully explain the phenom of quasars. Using distant quasars that were lighting up the universe, as far as 7.8 billion years ago and 12.2 billion years ago. This set the stage to measure pairs of entangled photons, related conditions were about 30,000 photon-pairs. It ignored the Bell limit, which used classical physics to calculate the results.

To make it simple, if quantum mechanics is operating by classical rules, then the photons are actually operating by quantum calculation, which is the right conclusion. As explained by Alan Guth, professor of physics at MIT. Quantum mechanics is one possible explanation, but another mechanism might be possible with the Bell "loophole" before 4.5 billion years and before the earth was formed. This loophole exists to explain the unexplainable unknown, far back in cosmic time.

Quasars and the quantum

During 2014, experiments were done to simulated entangled photons on earth, to reproduce the effects of quantum mechanics. Another layer to study with the addition of quasar light to get entangled photons into play depending on what color the light will be. The polarized will react according to red or blue light, by tilting the polarizer commits a measurement to the captured photons,

Timing the photon

The speed of the quantum entangled photon was measured and tested whether it is blue or red light measured. Depending on the polarizer tilt, the time was calculated using quantum mechanics when entangled photons are captured.


Using quasars and their light to measure quantum entanglement photon pairs is proof that quantum mechanics is the answer. But, the "freedom of choice" allows slight slithering to explain the unexplainable. It works out so far, but there is a question if classical physic can work in the quanta?

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