Are we running into the arms of oblivion as mankind's mad dash to doomsday? Everything is pointing to the hour of midnight when mankind invariably meets doom unmitigatedly. As the time of absolute extinction, while we extant hurdle willingly.

 In 1953 as hydrogen bombs exploded the first time, the countdown was adjusted. The creeping to destruction by BAS in 2019, moved the clock approximately two minutes to 12 midnight.

 On Jan 23, CEO Rachel Bronson (BAS) mentioned that it has hit the two-minute warning point. Each second progressed will lead to a global catastrophe unless something is done.

Nuclear war and climate change

Nuclear war was the ender to civilization then, though it is still standstill now as a possibility. Besides nuclear Armageddon, there is climate change, with disruptive technologies as part of the BAS. Judging whether the problems of mankind will doom its existence, and we've never been at more risk according to them.

Conditions are just getting worse when nuclear threat and climate is getting worse, and leaders are not diffusing it. Mostly, the conditions a tedious and not improving for the most part. All over the world, the threat of nuclear war is felt with countries that add nukes not reduce it. Worsening problems in the middle east and no sign of improvement to diffuse tensions.

Disruptive technologies

Use of artificial technology for autonomous weapons that decide on their own remotely. Adopting AI for control of hardware and control, command systems should be considered seriously because they can be hacked.

Space is the subject of weaponization, with a new US Space Force to continue the fight into space. American arm forces are developing technologies to overcome enemies in space, to win as on land, air, and sea as well.

 Use of targeted fake news by governments all over the world, and fly-by-night dictators in Asia and other places. Development of deep fakes that are sources of anti-propaganda that blurs truth or lying. Already social networks are buffeting under fake news and deep fakes by those who support it.

Climate change causes an environmental catastrophe

 Disruption is on a grand-scale as mankind's activities in the past 100 years, has turned the earth very topsy-turvy. The destruction wrought by wildfires, heatwaves, and loss of biodiversity via mass extinction caused by man is rampant. Thawing of the cold areas on the globe has raised sea levels and caused changes in weather patterns well. Even the Arctic is melting and changing the face of a once cold Antarctica, deserts like the Sahara increased land area.

There is no end in sight to decreased the use of fossil fuels, which is increasing greenhouse gases as well. Repairing the environment will not be easy if it is stressed badly.

Mankind and the world in utmost misery

All these negative conditions are burdensome, and everything is stacked against mankind in general. A world and mankind in misery and an apocalyptic end for everyone alive now. Yes, the doomsday countdown ticks that are based on subjective, not an objective outcome. The end will come, but it depends on mankind, no one else to decide.