How to Choose The Right School in Thailand for Your Kids?
(Photo : How to Choose The Right School in Thailand for Your Kids?)

Have you recently been transferred to Thailand due to work, or you might have chosen to settle there? Like you, a lot of people are choosing to stay in this Southeastern Asian country, thanks to its enchanting neighborhood, tropical beaches, and some of the best restaurants.

As an adult, it might be easier for you to move to Thailand if you're alone. But, things are going to be a bit challenging if you have a family, especially children since you need to find the right school for them.

You will have to find a proper school for your kids where they will get an international quality education and opportunity to thrive in a multicultural environment.

Types of Schools in Thailand

Based on the language and curriculum, there are several types of schools in Thailand that offer quality education and instill good morals in kids. 

Government Schools

Government schools are quite popular as they offer free education to all Thai children. The language of schooling is Thai. However, English is considered as the second language from grade 5 onwards.

However, to get admitted to such schools, your kids should be born in Thailand with at least one Thai parent.

International Schools

The country has a wide range of international schools with experienced teachers. Since the opening of its first international school in 1951, the country has come a long way with significant growth.

There is a mix of independent schools and the branches of some British publish schools. The majority of them are located in Bangkok. However, you will also find some excellent schools in Phuket, Chonburi, Chiang Mai, and Khorat.

Remember that the academic year runs from August to June, so make sure you admit your kid at the right time.

Boarding Schools

Are you having trouble finding a suitable school within your neighborhood, or is it just difficult to pick and drop the children? Don't worry. Thailand has a good number of boarding schools for both male and female students.

Most of these schools offer flexible boarding options for kids of three years and above. 

Things to Consider Before Choosing a School in Thailand

Whether you're searching for a good local or international school in Bangkok or any other city, there are some factors that you need to consider before admitting your kid.


If you're looking for an international school in Thailand, you will see not all of them are following a similar curriculum. While the majority of them follow the British curriculum, there some schools that follow American, Australian, Japanese, and even French syllabus.

When choosing the school for your kid, go for a curriculum similar to the one they would be following back at home. Also, go for a school that will help to improve your child's creativity, critical thinking, communication, and other skills.


If you live in Bangkok, you should consider the location while choosing a school. As it's one of the busiest cities in the world, finding a good school in the right proximity range should be your priority. 

Due to its heavy traffic, traveling from one place to another takes a lot of time. Even if you live in another city, choose a school that's not very far from your home.

The Tier System

The schools in Thailand, particularly the international ones, are ranked using a three-tier system. Tier-1 schools are amongst the best that exist and are pretty expensive. 

Tier-2 schools will also provide excellent quality education, and they are slightly cheaper than the tier-1. Tier-3 category schools generally serve Thai more affluent families than the ex-pats.


Does the school you've chosen for your kid comply with all the international standards in terms of education, teachers, safety, payment structure, and other best practices?

These factors are essential to ensure a proper environment for your child's education. So, make sure the school is accredited by Worldwide Education Service (WES), Council of International Schools (CIS), or any other international accreditation agency.

Size of Classes

No matter how big the school your kid is getting into, don't forget to ask about the size of the class. 

Always choose a school that doesn't offer a big classroom with lots of students. Smaller classes with limited students are still the right choice as your kid will get proper attention from the teachers and other staff.


If you're admitting your kid in a  government or local school, the chances are that you'll get some highly educated local teachers. 

But, when it comes to studying in an international school, native English speakers are highly in demand as they are quite well experienced in teaching the western curriculum.

However, don't worry as most Thai international schools are now hiring foreign teachers to ensure a better education.


While international schools in Thailand are widely popular for the facilities they provide, some of them can be a bit pricey. Considering the budget for your child's school is quite important, particularly when you're in a foreign country.

Think about the facilities your child needs in school. Are you happy with the quality education with average facilities, or do you need a luxurious campus? Think about the money you're willing to spend on your kid's education and go for the right one.

Extracurricular Activities

As a parent, you must be thinking about involving your kids in an extracurricular activity, be it sports or any creative work. 

While shortlisting the schools, find one that offers these kinds of activities. Some of them may provide after-school sports, while others encourage social work.

Also, both local and international schools in Thailand help the kids to learn about Thai culture, which will be quite beneficial for your kid.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the country you're living in right now, you have to make sure your kids are getting the right education they need for a successful future.

Choosing an excellent educational institution in a foreign country can be tough, but it can also be extra beneficial for your kids since they will be able to learn about a new culture as well.

Since Thailand is working hard to become the most influential player in Southeast Asia's education market, the government is also offering its best support in the development of educational institutes.

No matter which school you're finalized for your kid, make sure they are also happy with your decision.