Olaksandr, a 41-year-old Ukrainian admittedly killed his girlfriend, then fried, and ate her legs after the two had a drinking session at home on April 13. Police caught him in the cannibal act of frying and eating his girlfriend's legs upon his arrest inside his residence in Kryvyi Rih.

The man's 50-year-old girlfriend was reportedly stabbed with a knife and had her throat slit open. Olaksandr then cut her legs off and stuffed the rest of her body in a sack, which he dragged 1,600 feet from his home to a nearby river, and hid it in the reeds.

The sack containing her remains was found the next day by a father taking his two children for a stroll.  

Police officer filed a criminal case for premeditated murder against Oleksandr, who admittedly told police about the details of his heinous crime. He was placed in custody and will face up to 15 years in prison if found guilty.

Meanwhile, the investigation on the case continues.

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A Gruesome Scene to Witness

Mykola, the father-of-two who spotted the sack of the woman's remains, told local media that he and his children were looking for a fishing spot when they stumbled upon the sack. He says he immediately called the police after realizing it contained human remains as he saw naked buttocks sticking out of it. 

Nearby residents were quick to identify the victim and gave the police the address of her boyfriend.

Officers ambushed Oleksandr in his home and found him frying flesh from his girlfriend's leg in a frying pan before eating it. Local reports said the police felt sick after witnessing the horrific scene. 

According to Ukrainian media, Oleksandr cooked his girlfriend's legs and ate them after he reportedly 'got hungry'.

How Often Does Cannibalism Happen?

As shocking as it sounds, cannibalism does occur in different parts of the world for various reasons, some of which most of us probably won't comprehend. 

The Korowai tribe in Western New Guinea practice rituals of cannibalism due to the belief that a witch man kills off members among their group, thus making it their duty to consume the dead man's corpse as an act of revenge. 

Aghori monks in India also perform cannibalistic rituals in the belief that they will gain spiritual enlightenment. The group drinks from human skull bowls and cover their body in remnants of burnt human flesh. The bodies they use for their rituals, however, come from people who have already died. The monks do not kill people for their rituals. 

Cases of serial killer-cannibals have also sprung on some occasions. An example is the infamous "Milwaukee Cannibal," Jefferey Dahmer, who was responsible for killing 17 boys and men. He was a serial killer and sex offender, who practiced cannibalism on his victims. 

His frightening collection of human heads and body parts, stored in his refrigerator, went undiscovered for some time. Dahmer received 16 life sentences for his atrocious crimes, some of which included necrophilia. A fellow inmate, Christopher Scarver, later murdered the Milwaukee Cannibal in prison.

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