Artificial Intelligence And Everyday Lifestyle
(Photo : Artificial Intelligence And Everyday Lifestyle)

People use various technologies without a second thought in their everyday life. They can not imagine their lives without gadgets. But most of them give no thought to how often they use artificial intelligence at home, in the classes or in the office every day.

So, if you are one of those who underestimate the importance of artificial intelligence, you should read all the information below and draw the right conclusions about it. You are much closer to it as you think!

How Do We Use Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Life?

During the day, you surf the Internet and make various online requests, from "where to find free essay writer" to even "where can I have a tasty lunch near my home". But have you ever thought how your Internet browser always finds the best results for you just in one click? Nothing special, it just knows what you like. It follows every your click on the Internet and then forms for itself your way of behavior. Subsequently, it chooses the best results of the better ones and makes your search on the Internet much easier and faster.

Furthermore, let's think about how your day starts. Every morning you switch your smartphone and start reading some latest news. But have you ever thought about why all that news is so interesting to you? Have you ever imagined that all your social networks and internet browsers monitor your activities, preferences, and tastes? They know much more than you think.

Nowadays artificial intelligence is everywhere. Every morning it finds interesting news for you. It takes into account everything that you have read before and what articles you focused on more or less. In such a way, it takes a conclusion about your tastes and habits and provides you with a useful compilation of the latest news.

What do you do next? Probably, you have breakfast and then go to work. But what about complex routes? Can you find a building without a navigator installed in your car or on your mobile phone? You can't, of course. Any navigation system is based on artificial intelligence. It uses all the previous algorithms of its activities and combines them with data from the satellites. Probably, earlier you have given no thought about it. But you can not even imagine how much information a small sat-nav should process to make the best route for you in a few seconds.

What Are the Most Popular Apps That Use Artificial Intelligence?

Every day people use plenty of apps that work owing to artificial intelligence. What are these apps?

●     First of all, it is Siri. If you prefer Apple smartphones, you must know what it is. It is an online personal helper that is downloaded in your gadget and can help you with anything having heard about your wants and desires. It means that you no longer should write about what you want in the search engine of your internet browser. You just need to turn on Siri and ask anything from it. Siri is a very smart app that searches the necessary information not only on your smartphone but also on the internet monitoring everything. So, you are able to ask it to connect you with your friend as well as help you with your homework.

●     Like Siri, Alexa is one more smart online helper that can identify your voice within a distance of five and even more meters. Using it you can turn on or off your TV or music, ask it to find a recipe for delicious pie or even read an online book for you.

●     What about online video games? All the actions of the game's characters are based on the algorithms of artificial intelligence. If you think all that is just a combination of illogical and random coincidences, of course, it is not. Because otherwise if all games are ill-conceived, it will not be interesting to play them and the number of users will be decreasing all the time.

As you must have understood, artificial intelligence is much closer to us than you thought earlier. We use it every day and almost every minute. But if you want it not to harm your private life, use artificial intelligence exclusively benefiting from it. Then you will understand how useful and convenient it is.