Alligators are not naturally aggressive creatures compared to crocodiles, according to Roaring Earth. However, popular convention makes these creatures look aggressive and bloodthirsty animals, although they are hardly as dangerous as saltwater or Nile crocodiles which are more aggressive and larger.

But there are times when alligators attack humans and even attack each other. Just recently, reports of two large alligators attacking each other in a golf course in South Carolina has made rounds on the internet.

Fight to Death

LADbible reported on Tuesday that a golfer managed to get an unwanted glimpse into nature's hierarchy when he spotted the two large alligators fighting each other to death at the Golf Club at Hilton Head Lakes in Hardeeville, South Carolina.

Golfer Matthew Proffitt has taken a video of the fight between the two gators who were fighting each other for two hours on the 18th hole of the golf course as stunned players watched. It can be heard from the video posted on social media by Proffitt that the two animals were growling.

The golfers observed the two alligators rumble for two hours as each of the animals tried to overpower the other using their strong and formidable jaws. It can be seen from the video that one of them bites the other, which cause its opponent to bite it on the head. The two animals were then locked in that position for almost the entire duration of their fight.

The two of them went on with neither one giving nor asking for any mercy. Neither of the alligators is willing to give up or take a backwards step.

The video, however, did not show how the brawl ended, but the animals surely showed significant stamina to last the distance as it went on for many hours.

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The Course is Full of Wildlife

Matthew Proffitt was just out for a casual round of golf that day with his friends when he spotted the animal brawl. He then took a video of it and posted the footage to Youtube via Storyful.

Meanwhile, the golf course has also shared the video with a warning to all their golfers that many and varied wildlife obviously roam their fairways so they must keep their eyes open and alert. The warning they posted on their Facebook page read: "Sudden death playoff on the 18 yesterday! Keep your eyes open out there, the course is full of wildlife!"

In an interview with local news station KCPQ, Proffitt said that the two alligators would stay still for a few minutes, with their jaws locked on each other, and then try to roll or shake their opponent.

"The fight went on for about two hours," said Proffitt.

Moreover, Proffitt said that it is his first time to see alligators on the South Carolina golf course even though they are common in that area.

The rules of the golf course are usually strict. But maybe this incident could pave the way for a new rule now that covers the ball landing within striking distance of alligators fighting which allows a player to have a free drop.

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