Dan Kaszeta, a chemical and biological warfare expert, warns people about the horrors in Las Vegas swimming pools. He takes followers on an adventurous thread giving a little insight on why Kaszeta claimed 'I know certain things so that you don't have to.'

In an earlier thread, Kaszeta explained his career history. He became an officer of the US Army Chemical Corps in 1991. It's the branch that protects the rest of the Army from chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) weapons.

He remained in the reserves after active duty and as a civilian, became a defense contractor. Both jobs brought him to the Pentagon where he worked with chemical and biological proliferation and nonproliferation. Kaszeta continued a thriving career until he became the CBRN defense advisor for the White House Military Office in 1996.

The advisor trained White House and Secret Service personnel to live nerve agent training with the harmful chemicals Sarin and VX, which he always did alongside them. As he continued various studies, revamped training programs, and worked with specialized teams, Kaszeta eventually got inducted into the Order of the Nervous Neutron, gaining access to vaccinations against diseases the public's never even heard of.

After transferring to the Maryland National Guard in 1998, helped with 9/11 and the anthrax crisis in 2001, Kaszeta joined the US Secret Service (USSS) in 2002. In 2008, the expert moved to Europe where he sold CBRN detection equipment all over the continent working for private industry, Smiths Detection. By 2011, he put up his own consulting business, writing various articles and a book, 'CBRN and Hazmat Incidents at Major Public Events: Planning and Response.'

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Shop of Horrors

Having seen and knowing so much, what exactly alarmed Kaszeta with a few water samples? Back in 1998 or 1999, a friend from a Federal agency called to ask for help and advice about a case in Las Vegas. Kaszeta connected the Fed agent to a lab that made a full biological and chemical analysis on an array of samples, including 'blanks' as control samples for comparison. The samples were all from a major hotel, varying from the swimming pool to tap water and other water sources. 48 hours later, Kaszeta's phone was ringing in the middle of the night - the special call from the White House switchboard. The lab results were, as the expert coined in his thread, 'a shop of horrors.'

'Alarming levels of Giardia and Cryptosporidium, both highly resistant to chlorine. A huge number of metabolites from human urine. Fecal matter, human, mammal, and avian. Trace amounts of cocaine, ketamine, and several different opiates.' He goes on to add 'Adenoviruses. A weak immunochromatographic hit for Tularemia (not conclusive). Campylobacter,' to the list.

Waterborne Viral Diseases

These are all in agreement with a study on waterborne viral diseases. Researches Lucia Bonadonna and Giuseppina La Rosa confirmed that infectious agents and viruses that lead to various diseases are linked to lakes, ponds, hot springs, swimming pools, and thermal spas.

Multiple outbreak investigations pointed to 'accidental release of fecal matter, body fluids (saliva, mucus), or skin flakes by symptomatic or asymptomatic carriers.'

When Kaszeta was in Las Vegas years after that phone call, he collected water samples himself. He was with the USSS at the time and when he asked his lab friends to analyze the samples, he concluded, 'well...same sh*t, different year.'

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