Start an LLC
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From startups, small businesses, or big corporations, there's nothing more beneficial than starting something that will generate supplementary income. The field of business in many aspects can be daunting, but entrepreneurs always find a viable way to make their plans and ideas work. In New Jersey, businesses have seen an overwhelming increase in sales and employment. Although generous increases in sales and revenue can only be considered for a number of industries, the state economy has definitely offered beneficial financial undertakings for new and upcoming business owners.

What type of business should I start in New Jersey and why?

We can't fully answer this, as new business ideas will only come from finding a gap in the environment and current market. Many successful businesses in New Jersey have dominated their industry offering citizen orientated services and products. The state allows for better financial and progressive support considering tax and formation procedures.

There are various factors that will influence the type of business you should start, but first doing research on what's already been done, and where there may be shortcomings will give a better idea of what to do.

Starting a business in New Jersey will draw you closer to the community, but also it will open more opportunities for yourself, the residents and can in time become a contributing entity to the overall success of the state economy.

What are 5 benefits of setting up an LLC in New Jersey?

Before we jump right in, let's just recap on what an LLC or Limited Liability Company is. This business structure is a legal form of business, recognized on both federal and state levels. It separates personal and business goods, in the event of the business failing, all personal assets will remain secured from LLC disputes. Read more on how to start an LLC on our website.

The Corporate Veil

Across the board, a corporate veil is a legal term that helps owners or members of an LLC separate their personal assets from the business. This offers them more liability for the business performance, ensuring that in the event of bankruptcy, legal actions, or perhaps the termination of the LLC agreement - no personal possessions will become entangled with the business.

Ownership flexibility

New Jersey has over time adjusted its laws and legislation for new LLCs to become in line with a national standard. Currently, the state allows for further flexibility in the ownership of an LLC, allowing for single-member ownership, or more two or more members/owners. It allows for improved startup capital, support, and a bigger pool of resources for new LLCs. This can either be done during the formation process or afterward.

LLC Partnership Tax Benefits

Both the state of New Jersey and the Internal Revenue Service refers to multi-member LLCs as a partnership LLC and adjusts the taxation procedures accordingly. In the event, this means that instead of paying for the LLC tax, the business will now pay a partnership tax, resulting in owners only paying partnership income tax and eliminating double taxation on both profits and income.

Well Educated Labor Market

In recent years, data has shown an increase in degrees awarded by New Jersey universities. The labor market has steadily increased considering better education and overall preparedness for the business environment. Additionally, the state has more female university graduates and an overall diversified labor pool. A higher educated labor market can thus offer initiative, modern resources, and a wider understanding of the modern business world.

Better Employment Opportunities

There has been a slow decrease in state unemployment, showing most state residents work in education, construction, restaurants, and food services. Employment indicators are a reflection on residential and state needs, but can also show the long-term needs new LLC business will need to fill to ensure a positive growing increase in overall state employment levels.