The United States Space Force has finally unveiled its official logo and motto in a post in its official Twitter account Wednesday, July 22.

In its announcement, the U.S. Space Force shared the delta-shaped logo with a star in the center. The USSF icon is flanked by its Latin motto, "Semper Supra," and its English translation "Always Above." The newly-formed space service explained that the motto represents their role in establishing, maintaining, and preserving U.S. freedom of operations in the space domain.

A Breakdown of the Space Force Delta Symbol

In a separate press release, the U.S. Space Force goes into the details of the delta-shaped symbol. The delta symbol is a nod to its predecessors' heritage--the U.S. Air Force and the Space Command.

Its silver color represents defense and protection from all adversaries in the space domain, while the black gaps correspond to the darkness in space.

Seen in the delta symbol are two spires, representing a rocket launch. The USSF explains the launch as being in support of the central role of the Space Force in defending the space domain. Its four beveled elements in gray and chrome represent the joint armed forces--Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines--that support America's space missions.

Lastly, the star at its core is Polaris, the North Star. It represents the core values of the Space Force.

The U.S. Space Force motto and logo
(Photo: U.S. Space Force)
The U.S. Space Force has recently unveiled their motto, "Semper Supra," as well as its logo. The graphic, credited to Staff Sgt. James Richardson explains the elements in the symbol - drawing heavily from its heritage and history.

The infographic available on the USSF website is credited to Staff Sergeant James Richardson.

The Official Logo of the USSF

On January 24 this year, President Trump unveiled a logo for the U.S. Space Force. While it also draws heavily from its Air Force heritage, it was mostly compared to the badge used in the sci-fi franchise Star Trek.

"After consultation with our Great Military Leaders, designers, and others, I am pleased to present the new logo for the United States Space Force, the Sixth Branch of our Magnificent Military!" the POTUS wrote on Twitter, posting the emblem. 

However, it was later clarified that the symbol made available to the public is actually the seal and not the official logo. It has further noted that the USSF seal is reserved for internal and official use only. In their website, a copy of the seal is crossed out to discourage unauthorized use.

"Always Above"

The U.S. Space Force was formally recognized as an independent military branch last December 2019. It was founded with the signing of the United States Space Force Act, which was enclosed in the National Defense Authorization Act for 2020. The Space Force was established within the Air Force.

The fact sheet available on the military branch's website explained that "the Secretary of the Air Force has overall responsibility for the USSF, under the guidance and direction of the Secretary of Defense."

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It is headed by Gen. John W. "Jay" Raymond as its Chief of Space Operations. He was soon followed by Chief Master Sergeant Roger A. Towberman, Senior Enlisted Advisor. Together, they will lead the USSF to "maintain and enhance the competitive edge" of the U.S. Department of Defense for space-related threats.