The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent letters to seven companies who claim that their products are hangover cures. The so-called remedies are being illegally sold with unapproved product labels.

Looking for a Hangover Cure? Make Sure it’s Not Illegal
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Several treatments from the listed companies come in the form of dietary supplements with labels claiming to 'cure, treat, mitigate', and even prevent hangovers. The companies listed are:

  1. Double Wood LLC
  2. Ebnsol Inc.
  3. Vita Heaven, LLC dba Hangover Heaven
  4. Happy Hour Vitamins
  5. LES Labs
  6. Mind, Body & Coal LLC
  7. Purple Biosciences LLC 

Dietary supplements with these false claims can 'potentially harm consumers, especially young adults,' said Steven Tave, the director of Dietary Supplement Programs. 'Consumers may get the false impression that using these products can prevent or mitigate health problems caused by excessive drinking. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for responsibly limiting one's alcohol consumption.'

The FDA has reminded the public to be careful of any product with similar claims of curing hangovers. Consumers should seek medical advice before using any form of dietary supplements.

This is especially important for people taking medication or supplements that might have consequences when mixed with dietary supplements. Without FDA approval, the supplements might have dangerous side effects too. People experiencing any reaction or illness from dietary supplements should immediately see a health care professional.

The FDA stated, 'if claims sound too good to be true, they probably are.' Consumers and health care professionals are encouraged to contact the FDA via MedWatch or the Safety Report Portal if the dietary supplements cause and adverse reactions.

The seven companies that received warning letters have been given 15 working days to respond on 'how they will correct the violations.' Failure to do so may result in legal consequences.

Pandemic Alcohol Consumption

The FDA warning comes at a time that alcohol sales and consumption have gone up due to the pandemic. People have been drinking at home to cope with lockdown and even join online drinking parties via Zoom.

Even as several bars and restaurants opened as lockdown regulations slowly lifted, alcohol delivery services have skyrocketed. Tom Spaven, the brand director of Bombay Sapphire said, 'We've taken advantage of that shift in behavior and people staying home, ordering cocktails and ordering bottles.'

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Safe Hangover Remedies

The easiest way to prevent a hangover is of course to limit alcohol consumption. On the other hand, there are several other ways to safely deal with hangovers.

Drinking alcohol leads to dehydration while vomiting from excess drinking makes it worse. The loss of fluids and electrolytes is best countered by staying hydrated, especially the next day during a hangover.

One of the best remedies is to eat a good meal the next day. Low blood sugar contributes to several symptoms like nausea and can be countered by eating a hearty meal.

There are also natural supplements that can ease hangovers but aren't a cure. These include ginger, prickly pear extract, and red ginseng.

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