Most college students operate under a tight budget since college is already an expensive affair. The stressful workload and long study hours do not help the difficult situation. While college life is an exciting period where students enjoy the freedom to explore, travel, and have fun, it becomes impossible without money. So, what do you do to get an extra coin while in college? Starting a business is the perfect solution. 

Phil Collins knows what it means to have a tough life in college since he had first-hand experience. The challenges motivated him to start a writing company after graduation, known as, an online dissertation writing service that assists students with dissertation writing tasks. He wasn't alone; like-minded college mates, Joy Mayo and Jennifer Lockman, are part of the top-rated writing company. Since Joy was a communication expert in college, it made sense that she handles customers as well as the sales and marketing positions. On the other hand, Jennifer was an A+ student in Finance; thus, she became the accountant and managed all the company's financial matters. They saw a niche and used their knowledge, skills, and experience to start a successful business in an untapped market. 

Phil Collins believes that college startups do not require a huge amount of capital and strict time commitments. As long as you have the personal motivation and determination to succeed and make money, you can confidently juggle your academics with your startup with ease. Today, numerous writing services like online assist students with challenging assignments, research papers, term papers, and other school tasks. Take advantage and delegate your academic papers to professionals, while you embark on your business during your free time. 

Below are some exciting college startup ideas that are quite easy to start and manage without compromising your academics.

1. Blogging

Why not start a blog with your writing skills? It is a perfect idea to make extra cash while improving your writing. You can feature advertisements from various brands at reasonable rates. 

2. Website Creation

Most small and large businesses need a website for successful operation. If you have web design skills, you can look for clients online or within your community. Business owners do not have the patience or time to learn and create websites. Thus, you can make significant cash in designing appealing websites. 

3. Textbook Reselling

Collect old textbooks from family and friends and resell them at a pocket-friendly price. New textbooks are quite expensive, and most people will buy second-hand if it saves some money. It is not a demanding venture, and you can sell the books in your free time.

4. Errand Services

You can start an errand services company where clients pay you to handle their errands-for instance, shopping, deliveries, and any other chores. Find a business community where people are too busy to carry out simple errands, and you will make some money. You can do this after lectures.

5. Event Planning

College is not only about books, but it also incorporates numerous events, such as talent shows, celebrity nights, and club events. You can start a business as an event organizer or party planner, where you handle all the logistics and décor to make the event successful.

6. Bookkeeping

Even the small startups require transparent bookkeeping to succeed in the business tides. If you are good at accounting, you can sell your services at a fee online or to your college friends with businesses. 

7. Selling Crafts

Are you into DIY (do it yourself crafts)? You can create unique products like bead jewelry, lampstands, and interior decors, among others. You can sell your crafts on online sites such as or even to your family and friends in college.

8. Selling Your Designer Clothes

If you are fashion savvy, you cannot miss having a few designer clothes or jewelry in your closet. Style is timeless, so you can find clothes that you do not wear anymore and sell them to your friends or clients online. 

9. Social Media Influencing

There are numerous social media networks online, and most college students have an account with sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among others. You can build an online following and have brands advertise through your page. You will be influencing your followers to buy specific products or services. 

10. E-books

Are you good at writing? You can research a specific topic or field and write about it. Today, numerous self-publishing sites are available online at a small fee. Then, you can market your e-books online and sell on Amazon or to your college friends.

The example of Phil Collins' business shows that starting a business in college may seem impossible, but with the right motivation and skill set, you can become the next big entrepreneur. A college startup does not require massive capital or human resources to start. Identify a niche that relates to your skills and academic course that you are undertaking and use what you must to make it work.