Apple has released its new tvOS 14 for Apple TV on September 16, which brings its usual slate of bug fixes, as well as several new features, many of which had been announced during the June WWDC event of Apple. It comes after several months of beta-testing.

Anyone with an Apple TV or Apple TV 4K can upgrade their OS to tvOS14. Although this upgrade might not be the biggest update ever for the streaming box of Apple, it does deliver some fantastic new features.

The most anticipated feature of tvOS 14 is the HomeApp, which has finally arrived on Apple TV, for easy and smart control. What's more, is that AirPods will be able to smart sync to Apple TV, and for gaming, it can support the Xbox One Bluetooth controller.

tvOS 14 is Now Available in Apple TV, Here's What You Need To Know
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tvOS 14 is Now Available in Apple TV, Here's What You Need To Know

 14 new upgrade

The HomeApp is also dubbed the "Home View," which allows HomeKit compatible cameras to pop up a Picture in Picture notification when somebody approaches or goes near your home. In addition, Home View allows the user to see their favorite cameras and view their automation scenes easily.

According to Apple, the Picture in Picture feature allows the users to use the fitness apps while watching live TV or use it to view videos shared across AirPlay.

Moreover, the upgraded tvOS 14 now offers support for those who use Apple Arcade because it enables each user to pick a game where they left off. The Apple TV will also now works with Xbox Elite 2 and Xbox Adaptive controllers.

For those using AirPlay to share a 4K video to Apple TV, you can now see the videos in full 4K resolution.

tvOS 14 also allows the AirPods with the H1 chip to audio share on the Apple TV to enjoy movies together without disturbing other people inside the room. Perfect when you have a partner or roommates. It also has an Aerial Screensavers, which can now be selected based on different themes.

The update on the tvOS 14 is specifically built to be compatible with all fourth generation and Apple TV 4K. But there is also an update for one of its third-generation Apple TV, but it is not yet revealed what features the update contains. The upgraded tvOS also supports YouTube videos in 4K for the first time.

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How to install the tvOS 14 update

Just like Apple's iOS, or the iPadOS, and the new watchOS series, it is easy to install the update of the tvOS 14.

The first step is to turn on the TV and Apple TV, click on the Settings, and then go to General and click Software Update. It will automatically search for any available updates and then display tvOS 14, which you can now download and install. Then that's it. You have now installed the updated tvOS14.

Owners of the Apple TV who have automatic software updates turned on will automatically upgrade the software to tvOS 14.

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