Apple has released its version of a face mask for all its retail and corporate employees. The tech giant is famous for their computers and phones, but like many other companies before them, they have also started making an impressive face mask as what YouTuber Lewis George Hillsenteger of Unbox Therapy has featured on his video.

Indeed, necessity is the mother of invention. But is it available for everyone and not just for their employees?

Apple's face mask

Hillsenteger said that unboxing Apple face mask is the most unusual Apple unboxing he has ever done as he usually unboxes Apple's gadgets. But like those technologies, the face mask comes with a sealed box in the white, minimalist packaging of the company.

There are five reusable face masks inside each box, and it also includes clips that help the wearer better secure the masks behind their ears. Since it is reusable, the wearer can wash it after eight hours of use, and it can be worn five times before discarding.

Apple claims that their face mask is superior to the standard surgical face masks, but is it true? Well, Hilsenteger said that the design really looks cool and noted that Apple's own team in California designed it. He also said that the face mask is more structured compared to the surgical mask because of its three-piece design.

Hilsenteger added that Apple's face mask feels very secure and feels more sealed off than a standard mask. He appreciates that Apple's face mask is sturdier than surgical masks that have strings that quickly detaches from the mask.

Additionally, MacRumors said that Apple's face mask is light, comfortable, and effective at keeping the wearer and the people around them safe as it has a three-layer design that filters both the incoming and outgoing particles to stop the spread of coronavirus.

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Who can have Apple's face mask?

It has been weeks since Apple announced its reusable face mask, but unfortunately, it will not be available for everyone. The company said that their face masks are designed by their engineering and industrial design teams who conducted research and precise testing to determine the best materials to use.

This is the company's way to keep its employees safe while not affecting the supplies of medical masks and other personal protective equipment intended for health workers working closely with COVID-19 patients.

Furthermore, the company has already distributed their face masks to its employees but has not yet released any statements or plans of selling one to the public. But when customers visit their stores, the company does give them the basic surgical masks, but not just the ones that they design.

Nevertheless, there are other brands also of face masks that customers may buy, such as the Uniqlo AIRism Mask and Under Armour SportsMask. There are also other options out there that give back to non-profit charities from a portion of their sales. But maybe one of these days, customers will then be able to buy one and perhaps avail the transparent face mask Apple is working on right now.

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