BIQU, the Chinese company that manufactures 3D printer components, announced its own printer with the BIQU BX Direct Extruder FDM 3D printer - the lightest in its class.

The BIQU BX is a plug-and-play direct extruding printer that uses fused deposition modeling (FDM) - a 3D printing technology that prints a figure by depositing the thermoplastics layer by later. According to its Kickstarter page, this new printer "is an out-of-box-all-level-user-friendly DIY creative task achiever that is perfect for hobbyists, makers, and professionals alike."

BIQU BX 3D Printer
(Photo: BIQU 3D Printer Twitter Account)
BIQU BX-World's Lightest Direct Extruder FDM 3D Printer.

An Out-of-the-Box and All-Level-User-Friendly 3D Printer

The BX Direct Extruder FDM 3D Printer uses BIQU's state-of-the-art proprietary technology. It is equipped with the most powerful BigTreeTech (BTT) motherboard to date, as well as the world's lightest metal direct extruder - weighing only 219g. 

It is controlled by a powerful 32-bit, 400 MHz microchips. This allows the BIQU BX to perform faster computational processes that make smart-assistant features possible. Amateur 3D printers can easily achieve clean and successful prints while experienced users can work on complex designs. It boasts being able to create anything from children's toys to skin-friendly medical parts.

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"Our team has a passion for 3D printing and a mission to make it accessible to anyone," said Eric Zhang, founder, and CEO of BIQU, in a statement. He stressed that the Shanghai-based manufacturer has spent years providing parts for other 3D printer makers worldwide, adding that they are also bent on developing their own technologies.

"When it was perfected, we knew it was time to step out of the background and share the BIQU BX with the world. BX is the world's lightest direct extruder FDM 3D printer which makes it perfect for makers and home users," Zhang added.


Bypassing the Learning Curve

Its product page addresses that one of the usual challenges for newcomers in the 3D printing hobby and profession is its learning curve. BIQU BX claims to be able to solve this barrier with its built-in features, which takes out "guesswork out of setup and bed leveling."

The new Direct Extruder 3D Printer also presents its Approximate Sensor Leveling-Free Technology, an innovative and interactive multi-language user interface in a touchscreen. It also has safety features that help maintain fast and accurate printing free from any safety risks both for beginners and advanced users.

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"Its powerful features ensure high print quality but its ease of use means that anyone with an interest in 3D printing can get started fast and produce incredible results consistently," Zhang added. "With the BIQU BX, anyone can unleash their creativity at the touch of a button."

Lastly, its drivers have reserved and dedicated slots for future-proofing. Its functions such as filament breaking and detection modules have slots that can accommodate future upgrades. Also, its firmware code is open-sourced, which means that users can freely ask for support and get regular updates on GitHub.

As of September 30, BIQU BX Direct Extruder FDM 3D Printer has garnered support from 459 backers, surpassing its $38,708 goal with $148,883 in pledges. Its Kickstarter campaign will continue up until its deadline, Thursday, October 29, 2020.

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