Tesla has transformed from being an automaker into a legit player in the auto industry, capturing the attention of people, especially car enthusiasts. Tesla has proven that it can turn a profit despite the constant cloud of pessimism surrounding the company. It has convinced the more traditional automakers to venture into making electric vehicles with the company's success on their Model S, Model X, and Model 3.

Tesla has successfully rolled out new models from now and then with its first vehicle, the Roadster, followed by the Model S, a luxury sedan, then the Model X, which is Tesla's SUV-type car mass-market vehicle called the Model 3.

Their most recent car is the Model Y, a crossover of the Model 3 and has been receiving mixed reviews since it was released.

Model Y's Roof Flew Off While Driving

Comments about Tesla's cars are not all good, some question quality, which has left some people unsatisfied. Some reported trunks that do not close correctly, and others report issues on the falcon-wing on Tesla's Model X. Since then, the company has been plagued with quality control issues.

It seems as though the issues are not going to stop soon, with the most recent one being reported by a Model Y owner. According to Nathaniel's (@TheNastyNat) Twitter post, his Tesla Model Y's roof fell on the highway while he was driving. He even tagged Elon Musk on his post!

He attached a video of his car without the roof, which now has more than 100,000 views since being uploaded on October 5.

According to Nathaniel, it was his dad who bought the Tesla Model Y and brought him along just in case his he needed help with tech. They were driving on the highway, going back back home, when they heard a ton of wind, which they first thought was just an open window.

But just a minute later, the car's entire glass roof just blew off! They panicked briefly and then drove the Tesla "convertible" back to the dealership.

They immediately called the highway patrol group and informed them that a car roof was on the road to avoid any accidents. Meanwhile, the manager of the shop said that either the seal of the roof was faulty or the factory forgot to seal it on altogether. A conclusion that is fairy obvious. As of now, Tesla has not yet explained the incident.

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Model Y Quality Issues

It is not unusual for new cars to have some quality issues early on in their production as automakers are still trying to tune the process.

But quality issues on Tesla's Model Y seem to be a significant problem as it is highly unusual for the car company's standards. Forums regarding quality issues on Model Y have been flooded with new buyers claiming that something is wrong with their brand new Model Y, which has led some to refuse or even cancel deliveries.

For example, Riley Dove from Maryland refused delivery of the new car due to issues like paint and trim problems, indentations in the seats, and a loose seatbelt. These problems were reported by other buyers as well.

Elon Musk has encouraged his employees to minimize rectifications in Model Y production and make it a priority. He also admitted that Tesla is having some issues with Model Y's general assembly.

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