NASA's Crew-1 Dragon is already officially certified for a six-month space journey on SpaceX's Dragon and Falcon 9 Rocket Ships to # LaunchAmerica for its trip to the International Space Station ( ISS). The flight of the Crew-1 will be a historical occurrence for NASA since this is the first launch of the Commercial Crew on Saturday, November 14.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is excited for a four-person crew's planned flight, which has seen unexpected ISS project delays. The Crew-1 Dragon mission will be the first human mission to be conducted from the United States in almost a decade.

NASA's Historical Flight of Crew-1 Dragon Mission #LaunchAmerica

Alternatively, NASA names this project #LaunchAmerica, which puts together many of the country's greatest feats that make this mission possible, including SpaceX, a private space production corporation. NASA's Commercial Crew remains powerful and positive for Saturday, considering the coronavirus pandemic and other natural catastrophes in the world.

The launch will be on the launch island of Cape Canaveral in Florida, especially on the 39A platform of NASA's Kennedy Space Center. The SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Booster and Dragon Crew Head are now standing vertically, facing the sky to fly in the foreseeable future.

According to NASA, the latest checks and verifications have concluded NASA's greenlight approval phase and the collaborative initiative launched by SpaceX. This project would be the first human-rated commercial space system built by SpaceX with reusable spacecraft technologies for both vessels.

Behind NASA's Team-1 Dragon Mission Meet the Crew

NASA's Crew-1 Dragon Project comprises four astronauts who will conduct basic study and experiments on the ISS for six months. The first to embark on the Crew Dragon Endurance made by SpaceX will be the four astronauts from this historic mission.

As a member of the United States Space Force, NASA astronaut and space commander Michael Hopkins will head the party and swear in commission. As the only foreign personnel and project expert, JAXA astronaut Soichi Noguchi is joining the crew. Next is NASA astronaut Victor Glover, who will pilot Dragon Resilience's SpaceX team, and then, NASA astronaut Shannon Walker, a project specialist as well.

NASA Commercial Crew: SpaceX 's Crew Dragon Spaceship First to Fly

The national space agency places tremendous confidence and emphasis on this unique project since it will be the first launch involving America's finest minds comprising the Commercial Crew venture. NASA was welcomed by the country's best spacecraft makers to show their human vehicles to begin their upcoming missions.

Among the companies expected to present their spacecraft are SpaceX, Boeing, Blue Roots, and ULA, which will shortly support and welcome commercial flights to launch and tour space. Strikingly, SpaceX is the first to receive NASA's possible project clearance and send the Dragon spacecraft to carry humans into orbit.

In comparison, once here on Earth, the Dragon will stand over the Falcon 9 rocket launcher, which will be the main vehicle. The mid-flight spaceship will detach and return to the earth where the SpaceX drone ship is waiting in the open seas.

How to Watch NASA's Crew-1 Dragon Mission # LaunchAmerica Onboard SpaceX?

At 7:49 pm ET (4:49 pm PT), NASA's YouTube Channel will host a live streaming session on Saturday, November 14. The astronauts' eight-and-a-half-hour flight from Saturday night to early Sunday morning will be on the NASA feed below.

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