If you own a company, there are few things more annoying than seeing unpaid bills. Sometimes that issue is quickly solved with a phone call and an apology from your debtor, but sometimes your debtor tries their hardest not to answer your calls or emails. If you have a debtor that you can't reach, it might be time to ask for help from a debt collection agency. In this article, we tell you why they can help you get your money back ánd what you have to look for when you're searching for a partner agency. 

What can a debt collector do that you can't?

You might think 'I can call/email my debtor every day as well, what's the difference?'. Well, where you have a full agenda of to do's, your collection agency (Dutch: incassobureau) only has one focus: retrieving your money. Trusting them with this, will take away some of your stress! There's also the possibility your debtors realise you mean business when they're contacted by your agency. They might ignore your emails and calls, but be motivated to pay when they realise you've sent a debt collection agency to hound them down. 

Furthermore, a debt collection agency (Dutch: incassobureau)has access to means you don't have. They can find out who's behind an organisation much easier than you could. Most agencies start with the 'extrajudicial phase', in which they try to collect your money without the intervention of the court. If this fails, they move on to the 'judicial phase', where they involve the court. They can for instance send a bailiff (Dutch: deurwaarder inschakelen) to seize assets, income and property. 

How to find a trustworthy debt collection agency

Unfortunately, debt collectors often have a bad reputation. That's because there are some sketchy ones ... Before you decide on a debt collection agency, check out their Google reviews and read what experiences other people have had with them. When you check them out, take a look at how their payment system works. Many agencies work with the 'no cure, no pay'-system, which means you only pay when they're successful in getting your money back. Also check what percentage they charge and how high their ROI usually is.

Good luck in getting your money back!