Never has a workout routine been so easy to follow and do every day. Whether it is playing the same yoga video via YouTube each morning, executing the same three leg workouts over and over again, or running a similar everyday route at the same pace two times each week.

The Stylist reported that according to a study by the research team behind the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro, this is probably the reason 41 percent of people are struggling to look for motivation, especially during this lockdown.

Specifically, they discovered that if you mix up your own exercise routine, it can enhance your motivation by 40 percent. That's quite a huge boost for you and everyone else.

Nonetheless, the phrase that's frequently exchanged around on social media is that, "random workouts make random results," and it is particularly true that if you want to level-up your 5k time, you should run often.

Just the same, if you desire to lift more during squats, you will need to be under the bar and you need to keep trying. So, the question now is, should we execute a different workout every time we train? Or do we need to keep up the same session every day until we attain our fitness goals?

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Science Times - 3 Reasons Why It’s Time to Change That Same Daily Workout Routine
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An expert said, one who wants to get better at running, has to run but she should work on other ‘supporting disciplines, too.’

Depending on Reason for Working Out

According to The Athlete Method's Kerry Dixon, the answer depends on the reason for working out. She added, "Are you doing it because you enjoy moving or you are trying to see results," be it muscle gain "or getting faster?"

The expert also said that if we have found a "HIIT workout" that we know can get us out of bed thrice each week, or a walking routine that's making us feel the joy, there's no need to change routines.

There is a risk though, explained Dixon, that we would plateau or not meet our training and fitness goals as it will turn too easy.

Therefore, if you need some motivational boost or you want some progress, you might want to consider thinking about the frequency of doing the same exercises. Here are three possible reasons:

1. You Need More Time for Recovery

The main point for this reason is that you should do any kind of exercise every single day. Kerry said that it is okay to do the same training style. However, she emphasized, working the same groups of muscles or doing the same exercise routines will not give our body enough time to recover.

2. Your Body Needs Challenge

The fitness expert explained, our body needs to be challenged to adjust. When things start feeling a bit easy, there is a need to take one step higher, whether it means adding some extra reps into the strength routine, or adding some extra kilometers to our running routine.

This step is also known as "progressive overload," which gradually increases the stress that the body experiencing so that it continues to adapt.

3. Train Under Different Disciplines

Certainly, Kerry said, if you want to get better at running, you have to run. However, she added, you should work on other "supporting disciplines, too."

Runners don't just run. They weight and strength train, too, she elaborated, in order to guarantee that "they have the power in their legs."

Programs will vary the distance every day too, and play around with both speed and pace. They won't have an individual running the same five kilometers every day.

It is about complementing one's sport by developing various skills. In a similar way, one who wants to get better at handstands should think just as much about how to strengthen his core, jands and shoulders as he does on actually tipping himself upside down.

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