Entrepreneur? Tips to Prevent Personal Injury From an Accident!
(Photo : Entrepreneur? Tips to Prevent Personal Injury From an Accident! )

You are a successful entrepreneur. The orders come in, your turnover increases and you make more and more profit. You work as a freelancer, run a small business or have staff. Whatever type of business you run, you are the entrepreneur and therefore the most important person in your business. Without you there is no company, there are no assignments and there is no profit! It is therefore of the utmost importance that you ensure that you are properly insured! 

Insurance against a traffic accident 

In the EU, liability in the event of road accidents, for example as a result of a rear-end collision (Dutch: kop-staart botsing), is derived from a European directive. On the basis of this directive, there is a law that stipulates that every car, truck, motorcycle and scooter in the Netherlands is compulsorily insured. If you, as an entrepreneur, have a car accident, a personal injury insurance company will reimburse your personal injury. But even if you are hit by a motor vehicle while on a bicycle, you are entitled to personal injury compensation. Under Dutch law there is also a right to legal assistance from a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer in Amsterdam (Dutch: letselschade advocaat Amsterdam) will therefore recover your personal injury completely free of charge. So if a car hits you, as an entrepreneur, and someone else is liable, then you are entitled to a free personal injury lawyer in the Netherlands. This is regulated differently in each EU country. For example, in Germany and Austria you are also entitled to the help of a free personal injury lawyer. This right does not exist in Belgium and France. As an entrepreneur you must therefore pay the costs of a personal injury lawyer yourself. In that case it is wise to engage a legal assistance insurer. 

Involved in a one-sided traffic accident 

It could also be that you are on your way to an appointment or to your office and because of slippery conditions with your car you hit the catch reel or a tree. Or you do not give right of way and in this way cause a traffic accident yourself. In this case there is no liable party. But you will suffer damage as a result of the accident. You cannot work, your work as a freelancer has come to a standstill or you need staff to take over your activities. The company suffers damage, but so do you as an entrepreneur! 

In most EU countries, if not in all these countries, it is possible to expand your car insurance with a passenger damage insurance (SVI verzekering). The costs of damage passenger insurance are low, so as an entrepreneur it makes sense to make us of it. 

If you get into an unilateral traffic accident, the insurance will reimburse your personal injury up to a certain amount. The insured amounts are often high so that in most cases your personal injury will be fully reimbursed. 

Are you an entrepreneur and are you often on the road for work? Then it is wise to take a damage / passenger insurance in addition to liability insurance. You will then in any case receive your personal injury compensation. 

Car insurance is actually not about the damage your company suffers, but about your personal damage. Do you want to insure your income? Then it is also wise to take a disability insurance as an entrepreneur. However, the disadvantage of these insurance policies is that the premiums are often very high. On the other hand, this will prevent you from running out of income in the event of incapacity for work.